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How much would your friend receive from the sale of the promissory note?

You borrow $5,000 at a simple 15% interest rate from your friend for 18 months in order to purchase new furniture and sign on a promissory note on your borrowing. 5 months later, your friend sells the promissory note to a bank that charges a 20% discount rate (Bank discount).
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I'll give it a shot.
Simple interest implies that at the end of paying off the loan in 18 months, I'll have paid back $5000*115%, which is $5750. 
If I am making monthly payments over the course of the loan, in 5 months, I'll have paid back $5750/18= $319.444...*5=$1597.222... 
I plan to pay the rest, $5750-$1597.222=$4152.777... to the bank. 
After taking 20%, they pay my friend 80% of that, so she gets $4152.777...*80%=$3322.222...
How's that?