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chiara has 3 balls more than francesca. marco has 7balls more than chiara. if there are 46 balls how many each of them?

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2 Answers

Lets assume: Francesca has X number of balls -------A

Then Chiara has X+3 Balls (because chiara has 3 balls more than Francesca) ---------B

Marco has X+3+7 (because Marco has 3 balls more than Chiara) ----------C

Therefore Francesca, Chiara and Marco has total X+X+3+X+3+7 balls (which is A+B+C)
which is equal to 46 (as it said in the statement)

Therefore, X+X+3+X+3+7=46

or, 3X+13=46

or, 3X=46-13

or, 3X=33

or, X=33/3=11

Now we know the value of X

Therefore, Francesca has X=11 balls ( from our initial assumption A)

Chiara has X+3=11+3=14 balls (from assumption B)

Marco has X+3+7=11+3+7=21 balls (from assumption C)

Answer: Francesca has 11 balls, Chiara has 14 balls and Marco has 21 balls


Mental math approach:

Let x = the number of balls francesca has. Thus, taking away the extra number of balls, the three guy will have the same ball. So, 3x = 46-3-10 = 33


x = 11 balls (francesca)

x+3 = 14 balls (Chiara)

x+3+7 = 21 balls (Marco)