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a number plus four added to the difference between three and twice the number

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3 Answers

Let's try to write this in math language while reading it-
(a number plus 4) N+4 (added to) + (the difference between three and twice the number) (3 - 2N)
N + 4 + (3 - 2N)
N + 4 + 3 - 2N
N + 7 - 2N
7 - N
your answer is 7 - N unless you were given more information than shown above.
Something to keep in mind with questions such as these are the key words and their meanings. It's basically being asked of you to translate English into math. 
The first thing I always suggest is assigning a variable to your number. This can be x or n. In this case, I'm using n. Something else to notice are key words in the problem. Plus and "added to" refer to addition, difference to subtraction and twice refers to multiplication. 
So, the way that it's intended to be read is something like this: 
(n+4)+ (3-2n) 
I hope this helps. 
Edit: I didn't realize there was more to the equation, but you've received another answer as well. Good luck!