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algebra help please!

y over 5 + 2= -8
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2 Answers

y/5 + 2 = -8
subtract 2 from both sides to isolate the variable y, so now y/5 = -10
multiply both sides by 5 to get rid of the fraction, so y = -50.
no go back and check it:
-50/5 + 2 = -8 ??
-10    + 2 = -8 ??
        -8    = -8  ??  YES!!!
Your answer is y = -50


Kim is absolutely right.  I did not have my glasses on and saw it as y over (5+2).   Sorry for the confusion.
Yeah, sometimes I mis-read word problems, too!   :)
And I am always after my students to carefully read the problem.  Silly mistakes like this are what get us.  So glad one of us was on the ball.  My only excuse(s) are I was not wearing my glasses and I have come down with an awful cold or allergies.   :-)
first add  5 +  2.     now you have  y over 7 = -8.  Since you are dividing by 7 , multiply each side by 7 (the inverse of 1/7  is 7). Remember you have to multiply both sides of the equation.  Now you have y =   ?  I will let you fill that in.  Remember what happens when you multiply a positive number by a negative number. Hope this helps. Ellen, Staunton VA


the 5 is below the y, so i think you misread the problem.  Take a look.  What do you think???