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determine the slope and y-intercept of each line then graph it

3y=2x+3              m=__________       b=__________

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You want your problem to look like the slope-intercept form: y=mx+b at the end.

1. Divide each side by 3 to get y alone, so y=2/3X+1

3. 2/3 is your slope, and 1 is your y-intercept. m=2/3 and b=1

To graph, start the line with your y-intercept.

1. Plot a dot one unit on the positive side of the y-axis (because your y-intercept is a positive number) such that the first point on the line will be (0,1).

2. Slope equals rise over run so count up two units (because the 2 is positive in this equation) and to the right three units (the three is also positive) from your first point and you will have your next point at (3,3).

3. To make a third point, repeat: count up two units and three to the right from your second point, such that your next point is at (6,5). Draw a straight line to connect the three points and there you have your graph!