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PLEASE ANSWER WITHIN 24 HOURS I am having trouble with the problem below

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2 Answers

I am getting 72/28 which cannot be right for this problem:
3/8h+7/12= 3/4

As in a similar question, I believe it may be better presented as:

3h/8 + 7/12 = 3/4

So, adding and sutracting fractions calls for finding a .....  common denominator.  You will use the .... LCM, or Least common multiple.  The LCM for 8, 12, and 4 is ... 24.  The fractions now become:

9h/24 + 14/24 = 18/24

multiply everything by 24:

9h + 14 = 18

subtract 14 from each side

9h = 4


h = 4/9

I hope this helps.
Your first step should be to subtract 7/12 from both sides of the equation, remembering that you must always perform the same operation on both sides, and that the order of operations when solving for an unknown is reversed from the order of operations when evaluating an expression. (In other words, clear subtractions and additions first, then multiplications and divisions, and only after that do you clear powers and parentheses).
Your second step is to multiply both sides by 8/3; you then have just h on the left, and a fraction on the right that should be reduced to simplest terms.