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What is an MP(Member of Parliament)?

How can popular vote impact the results of an election?

What is the Federal Accountability Act?

Whhat happens to a bill after it has been through a Senate?

How do you think lobbyists can influence government descision making?


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What is an MP(Member of Parliament)?

There are many kinds of governments in the world. Parliamentary governments are where a group of representatives vote to make law and policy for a nation. There are many variations of this kind of government. In many European democracies, the representatives are called MP's. The powers of MP's vary from country to country somewhat, but usually they are the ones that select a Prime Minister, the highest office of the Executive branch of government.

(The US Congress is not a true Parliament because it does not select the President, the highest office of the Excutive Branch in the US.)

How can popular vote impact the results of an election?

The popular vote in a US Presidential election is the sum of all of the votes cast for each candidate in all 50 states and Washington, DC. It DOES NOT determine who becomes President. Each state has a certain number of delegates called electors. The number each state has is proportionate to the state's population of voters.

The electors of state typically are members of the party that carried the majority in that state. The cast their votes in the Electoral College to pick the President and Vice-President of the US.

It is possible for a candidate to win more votes nationally (win the popular vote) but lose the Electoral College vote, and therefore, lose the election. This most recently happened in 2000 when George W. Bush lost the popular vote but was elected President by the Electoral College.

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