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if you have negative 3k and divide it by a negative 3k to cancel out will it be a positive? PLEASE ANSWER IN 24 HOURS

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2 Answers

Remember that the goal is to isolate the k.
-3k + 12 = -6
We want to morph this into something that looks like      k = 
Subtract 12 from each side to eliminate the 12 on the left side of the equation:
-3k + 12 -12 = -6 - 12 
-3k = -18
Now divide by -3, not -3k, because you want to get rid of the -3 and be left with just the k.
-3k = -18
-3      -3
k = 6. Yes we know that it is a positive 6 because -3 * 6 = -18.
So dividing a negative by a negative yields a positive, just like multiplying a negative by a negative.
Yes, a negative number divided by a negative number gives you a positive number. 
See the 3 rules at
If you are trying to solve for k, cancel out the 12 before doing any division.
See the Solving Equations section, Example 2 at