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How do I correct an error in the following unit: 9y * 3ft/1y* $2/foot = $54/ft

Please help me to describe and correct the error in the following unit:
9 yards* 3 feet/ 1 yard * $2/foot= $54/ft
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2 Answers

27ft * $2/ft = $54. fts will cancel and Your answer should come up in dollars .
   rate * number = Total
   Rate here is $2 /ft
    and want to know how much 27 ft will cost.
    each feet( rate) costs $2, 27 ft costs 27 times more
  $2 /ft * 27 ft = $54
Actually, using the problem as you have stated it,
9 yards x 3 ft/yard x $2/foot = $54 due to the fact that all your other units cancel themselves out when you multiply through with all the ratios.  The answer is actually therefore just $54, not $54/ft.
Hope this helps!