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What number is in the hundred millions column of the number 9,482,616,000

place value 

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When I am trying to find place value I first write out the place I am trying to find--which in this case hundred million--so to write one hundred million it would look like 100,000,000 so I start at the farthest right and count how many zeros are there until you get to where the 1 is which is 8 zeros. Next I look at the number I am trying to see what is that that place value and start at the number in the furthest right place, count over 8 places and the next number to the left will be that number--4! Sometimes a teacher may try to trick you so be careful--for example if they asked what number is in the ten million place for 40,876? The answer is 0 (there is always a zero before the other numbers so this number actually could be written as 000,040,876 to use my method)!
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100,000,000 is 109, so you are looking for the 9th digit from 9,482,616,000, going from right to left. In this case, that digit is 4.