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3 c^3 ( 5 c + 2 c^ )

3 c^3 ( 5 c + 2 c^ )

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1 Answer

Eme, something is missing in the expression you wrote above. In any case, let's assume that we had

3c3(5c+2cq)  where q is any integer (or even just any real number as a matter of fact). Then you would have

3c3*5c + 3c3*2cq  where we used the distributive property of multiplication with respect to addition.

Now each term in the addition is a monomial and all you have to do is  multiplying the numeric coefficient and compute the exponents of the letteral, c, by applying the rule  cn*cm=cn+m. Thus we find

15c3+1 +6c3+q  = 15c4+6c3+q.

To solve your given assignment, just replace q with the proper value given in the text of your problem and that you forgot to include in the expression at the top.