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How do i use the distributive property to rewrite expression for 3(2x-y)

i need to use the distributive property to rewrite the expression for 2(3a-2b+c)

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When you use the distributive property you take the number directly outside of the parenthesis and multiply it by all terms inside the parenthesis.  In your case the number that you will be multiplying by is 2.  You will multiply the 3a by 2, the -2b by 2, and the c by 2.  Once you have multiplied them then you should look to make sure there are no like terms.  If there are no like terms, then your answer is complete. 

Hope this helps,

Maggie Bauereis

Distributive property of multiplication:
a(b ± c) = ab ± ac

3(2x - y) = 6x - 3y
2(3a - 2b + c) = 6a - 4b + 2c