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work out the problem to understand how to get to the answer

3b^8*49p^5/7p^3*9b  the answer is  7b^7p^2/3 but how is the problem worked out to get the answer

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You can also look at this equation as the multiplication of two fractions:

1. 3b8 * 49p5 / 7p3 * 9b is the same as (3b8/9b) * (49p5/7p3)

2. Now lets simplify the fractions before multiplying them together:

a. 3b8/9b

= b8/3b 

= b8-1/3

= b7/3

b. 49p5/7p3

= 7p5/p3

= 7p5-3

= 7p2

3. Lastly complete the multiplication --> b7/3 * 7pwhich is 7b7p2/3


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First, let's use the order of operations (PEMDAS) to make the expression easier to look at:

(3b8) * (49p5) / (7p3) * (9b)

Now we have only multiplication and division; take care of multiplication first:

(147b8p5) / (63bp3)           In this step, we can't yet combine like terms.

And now dividing these terms leaves us with:

7/3b7p2        Here we must remember that dividing terms with the same base means subtracting their exponents (e.g., b8 / b = b8-1 = b7).

Hope this helps.