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I need help with an mnemonic

I am memorizes some information that needs to be in order. I found the most important letter of each piece to create an mnemonic but now, I'm stuck. For example, My very easy method just set up nothing, for the planets. My letters are, SPARPBQSSGDSDJSIWEUPS  * (it's the bill of rights)


Are you just looking for some help coming up with a mnemonic because you have a test coming up for history? Or is your assignment to create a mnemonic? I can suggest a mnemonic for you if you're just looking for a good one, but if your assignment is to create your own mnemonic, you'll have to do that on your own!
Stephanie, it is just for a test because I am scared I am going to blank out during the test. I heard this was effective for memorizing. It would be great and I would appreciate it if you could help. Thanks, Abbi
Abbi, what are the items that you want to memorize?

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Sorry, your "bill of rights" doesn't ring any bells for me.
However, people have often made silly sentences using the first letter of each word as part of the mnemonic:
      In piano lessons, I learned "F-A-C-E"  as well as "Every Good Boy Does Fine"
So for the planets in our solar system,
     "My Very Easy Method Just Set Up Nine Planets"
If you look at the two-letter postal abbreviations for each state in the U.S., they are mnemonic.  And if two states create the same abbreviation, then they ...  (look it up).
Also, determine the similarities and differences between mnemonics and acronyms --  there must be billions of them being used today.    For example, SAT originally meant Scholastic Aptitude Test, then Scholastic Assessment Test, and then the SAT Reasoning Test, and now it's just SAT because it really doesn't measure aptitude for success in college, but many schools still use it as a basic for entrance and for scholarships.