Sierra D.

asked • 05/15/15

What is a to be or not to be that is the question soliloquy that I can make up for English class?

Its basically supposed to be a parody soliloquy on to be or not to be by Hamlet.

Stephanie M.

Feel free to use those Google search results as inspiration, but don't copy them or turn them in since that would be plagiarism!
Just try to think about a word you could replace "be" with. Do you wonder whether to try out for a sports team at your school? Then maybe write "to play or not to play." Are you thinking of signing up for your school's choir? Then you might want to write "to sing or not to sing." Are you listening to a really catchy song on the radio? Then you might ask yourself "to dance or not to dance." The idea is to think of something you're debating about, just like Hamlet, and then explore your choices in soliloquy form.


David W.

Hey Sierra.
I strongly agree with Stephanie about the Academic Honesty policy -- in fact that is one reason I choose this particular Soliloquy ---- this one could have been titled, "To Do or Not to do My Homework."   Actually, you and Stephanie and anyone else who reads this will realize that I very much intended irony (When you read this soliloquy, you should laugh, and then get to work!).
PLZ notice that Stephanie said "try to think ... wonder  .. the idea is to think"  --- and that is what's important.  Of course, copying someone else' work and turning it in as your own is "The Slacker's Soliloquy" -- don't do it!
As you get older, you will realize how people think.  They take what they have learned and experienced before and add to that or else change the way they think about it or apply that process to another subject -- thus, teachers/tutors don't just solve problems and give answers, they teach students how to solve problems.  This is called the "apprentice model of teaching."  It goes like this (imagine I'm teaching you how to drive):
     1.  I do it
     2.  I do it, you watch
     3.  You do it, I watch
     4.  You do it
And, at each step, feedback and discussion is important -- to evaluate how well we did that step.
I could now write a 5-page paper to comment on your question and Stephanie' comment.   Or, I could write a soliloquy about "To Comment or Not to Comment."  That is actually a question that I often ask when I read WyzAnt Answers!   To comment takes time and thought, and I may not get nice responses in return ... when I ponder a profound question, I often do it in the form of Hamlet's soliloquy!
Still using my feeble attempt at irony, I might suggest writing a soliloquy about "To Plagiarize or Not To Plagiarize."
The question has to plague you, the thoughts have to stew, the outcomes must matter and they must create "the rub" (the conflict that causes you to struggle).  Sounds like you are struggling -- and that's good!
Now, after you choose your question, a good parody takes Hamlets lines and makes fun (parody) of several of them in parallel (side-by-side), so write your soliloquy side-by-side with "To Be or Not To Be" and try to create a similar parody (make fun of it like my irony tried to do) of each few lines.  That way, the reader/listener will realize that you are poking fun at a specific well-known quotation.
So, it's almost 6:00 a.m. here and I seriously struggling with thoughts of "To Exercise or Not to Exercise."  My doctor advised me that exercise would help me lose weight and then he could take me off one of my blood pressure medicines.   Wouldn't that be great!  But morning exercise requires discipline and I'd rather sleep and ...  I hope you realize that I'm trying to illustrate my point.
I was teasing you a little with my first response (but that's what a parody does!).  Please forgive me.


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David W. answered • 05/15/15

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