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You make $ 360 a day on a job. What will you receive for working (1)/(18)of the day

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4 Answers

Working 1/18 of a day would earn you 1/18 of $360, which is the same as 1/18 x 360. For clarity, this could also be written as 1/18 x 360/1 =

Multiplying these two fractions gives us 360/18, which can then be reduced to find the final answer of $20.

Let's look at a simple problem using the same principle.  Suppose you made $10 an hour and worked 1/2 an hour.  How much did you make?  The answer is easy; it's $5.   You found the answer by multiplying 10 x 1/2.  Using the same principle multiply 360 x 1/18 and you get 20.   The same "tool" works, just different numbers.

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Made $360 in one day or 24 hours.

1st step: find the amount to be made in 1 hour

In 1 hour, you make $360/24 = $15.

2nd step: find the amount to be made in 1/18 of a day

1/18 of a day = I/18 * 24hours = 1.3333 hours

3rd step: multiply hourly amount by the number of hours

Therefore, amount to be made in 1/18 of a day or 1.3333 hours

               = 15 * 1.333

               = $20.00

In fraction form it will appear (360/1)/(1/18), or you can  divide 360/18, which will give you $20 a day.