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Describe the general attributes of a grant proposal. Be sure to address the function of a grant proposal.

The purpose of a grant proposal, and how a grant proposal relates to a program plan.

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Grant proposals for funding a project generally consists of several things: (1) summary of the organization; (2) project description; (3) demographics served or need described; (4) budget analysis; and (5) timeline for completion.  Within the summary of organization is often a discussion of the project leaders.


Grant proposals for school funding are usually varied.  Different grants have different requirements often including your gpa, college you've been admitted to; anticipated cost of tuition; and expected graduation date.

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Well, the purpose and function of a grant proposal is to aquire funding for a program, research, education, or a variety of other options. Grants are granted in order to establish, coordinate, and complete a project of interest or need by a local business, a community need, or for general personal ideas. For instance, I have participated in the writing, formalizing, and receiving of two grants over the last couple of years. The first one was for a research project that I wanted to do and I proposed it through undergraduate research and was awarded the full amount. In return, I had to show proof that each budgeted fund was used properly and I had to turn in the completed research and all photos, statistics, videos, etc., that was created or used during the research process. This was for educational purposes.

Another grant I participated in was for the funding of a Children's Summer Writing Program at our local community library for children ages 6-11. I feel that children in that age bracket need more options for writing for fun. They are able to write early on, therefore planting the seed for the love of writing later in life. Not only for fun, but the potential progress that can come from such writing prompts can help them excel when research and term paper writing comes into life. For this grant, I was not using the funds for educational (personal) reasons, but rather for a community growth proram. I still had to propose the grant in the same way as I did for my education, but I had to add a bit more information about the community demographics and the need for literacy education.

Each proposal will need an adressee followed by a title of the proposed project or program. The organization asking for funding needs to be included and briefly described as to the outreach it serves or the purpose gained by receiving funding. Summarize the organization that is proposing funding then summarize the project wanting to be implemented by funds from the grant being proposed. Then, you will need to give details about the local area's needs to be served by the proposed project/program, such as for a community literacy program one would want to emphasize the needs of the community/educators to be able to implement educational programs to help the community excel based upon low SAT/ACT (or based on low test scores in general throughout the local area). You also have to have a prepared and thoroughly thought out timeline for using the funds being proposed and a detailed budget showing what the funds willgo towards and in what order the activities will take place to complete the project/program. Finally, you will include a summary of organizations/businesses involved with supporting the idea of the proposed grant and thank you's to the company/organization from which you are asking for funding.

This is a general idea of the things I have experienced while dealing with grants, although for different types of grants, there will sometimes be less needed about the community, especially if the grant is of personal use during college. For something of that nature, you would need to include more about your educational needs/purposes/research rather than community/demographic summaries.

I hope this helps!!


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Address the function of the grant proposal, the purpose of the grant, and how the grant proposal relates to a program plan.