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its a maths question but is if you add 23 + 332 what ist the answer?

what ist 23+332

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If you add 23 bear figures with 332 bear figures you get 355 bear figures...


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Hi Starina,

I don't want to answer the question for you since you should be able to do this.  But let me give you a useful way to think about it.  332 is 3 hundreds plus 3 tens plus 2 ones.  23 is 2 tens plus 3 ones.  If I told you that I had 4 apples and 5 oranges in one box and 2 apples and 3 oranges in a second box and asked you how many apples and oranges I had, I think you could figure out that I had 4+2 = 6 apples and 5+3 = 8 oranges.  Well, try to think of each number in your problem(332 and 23) as a box with different kinds of fruit.  Figure out how many hundreds there are, how many tens, and how many ones.  And then write down the numbers of hundreds, tens, and ones next to each other in a single number.  That will be your answer.  I should note that I processed your problem as 332 + 23, but that doesn't matter because addition is commatitive, meaning that A + B = B + A for any numbers.

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