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i cant seem to get the right answer i put 1 after all the

the exponent is the 3 the base is 2 -(29-8X3) ......i got 1

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2 Answers

Are you trying to write 2 to the 9th minus 8 to the 3rd?

If so, write it like this:  2^9 - 8^3 (this way we know what you're asking)

If this indeed is your question, use order of operations to help you calculate.  Applying exponents comes before adding or subtracting.  

So evaluate 2^ 9 (2•2•2•2•2•2•2•2•2) and evaluate 8^3 (8•8•8)

You should get 512 for both of these expressions.

So, 512 - 512 leaves me with zero.

I can't understand the question the way you've described it. Try writing it like this

a^(-b*c) or whatever your problem states.