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identify the solution of the system of equations, if any. 2x=4y=50 y=1-5x

Identify the solution(s) of the system of equations, if any.



The choices are: (-14,-3)

(-14,3)       (-3,-14)           (3,-14)

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1 Answer

none of the answers are correct . . are you sure you wrote the equation out correctly. Please check your problem to ensure you wrote everything correctly. Otherwise, the equation is calculated as such 2x=4y-50 then insert the y value of 1-5x into the first equation 2x=4(1-5x)-50 then multiply the 4 through 2x=4-20x-50 then add 20x to each side 22x=-46 x=-46/22 then reduce - both the enumerator and denominator can be divided by 2 x=-13/11 you would then insert the x value in the second equation to determine y, but as you can see the x value is none of the answers you have.


Steven, thank you for responding to my question.  I had worked this out and did not come up with any of the answers that were given.  There is no option to check "none of these are correct" on the final exam for this problem.  I guess that I should e-mail my instructor and hope to get credit for the question.  I do not know how I will manage to get credit for it because the test is automatically graded upon completion.  Any way, thank you.