Geometry 2 column proofs

Given: line segment CO is perpendicular to line segment AE; angle 2 is congruent to angle 3 Prove: angle 1 is congruent to angle 4 < ^ > ... more


Simplify 3^(1/3) x 9^(1/3).

Please include how you got the answer (show work)

Precalc, functions (Please help)

Given the function f(x)=7x−5, find and simplify the following values:f(a)=f(a+h)=f(a+h)−f(a)/h                      = 

Precal- Trigonometry (please help)

Part a: Use an Addition or Subtraction Formula to simplify the equation.sin(2𝜃) cos(𝜃) − cos(2𝜃) sin(𝜃) = √2/2Part b: Find all solutions in the interval [0, 2𝜋). (Enter your answers as a... more

Classify each compound as saturated or unsaturated hydrocarbon

CH3CH2C≡CCH3CH3CH2CH3CH3CH=CHCH3CH3CH3a. Saturatedb. unsaturated

Chemistry : Asid and bes

In an experiment, 25 cm² of 0.1 mol dm-3 sulphuric acid is needed to neutralise 25 cm³ of sodium hydroxide solution. Calculate the concentration of sodium hydroxide solution use in this experiment.

I need help with this similar geometry question

two squares are simular. the ratio of the length of square  B IS  3 : 5. If the length of square A is  18 meters , what is the perimeter of square  B ?

For the function 37

For the function y = f(x) = x2− 4x, x ≥ 2, find df-1/dy∣y = 4(f-1)' (4)=  


Algebra age word problem

Pepay's age is one more that twice Nikk'si age. If the sum of their ages four years ago is seventeen, how old is Nikki and Pepay? ​


how to solve integral without equations but what they equal to?

int (bottom: -2 top: 5) f(x)dx =-2 int (bottom: 2 top: 5) f(x)dx =8 int (bottom: -2 top: 5) g(x)dx = 10 find int(bottom:-2 top: 5) g(x)+6

How do I use the correct direct object pronoun and verb forms in the Spanish translation of these sentences?

Professor Dumbledore brings students to Cochabamba.El profesor Dumbledore __ a Cochabamba.Harry, Ron, and Hermoine watch concerts in the park.Harry, Ron, y Hermoine __ en el parque.Bolivia is fun.... more


What is the solubility of AgCl in a solution of 7.53 x 10-2 M MgCl2?

The Ksp of AgCl is 1.63 x 10-10.

Help me find the probability this man’s weight please

Noel, a 35 year old office worker, has been struggling with his weight for a long time. He is looking to start dating again, so earlier this year he decided to join a gym. A few days ago he noted... more


Net Area. Consider the function defined by the integral

 a) Calculate  using properties of integralsb) Provide graphs showing the regions corresponding to and c) Use FTC1 to calculate the derivative of F. Simplify your answer.


Does anybody know how to solve this problem? I am very confused

A circular backyard pool has a diameter of 20 feet and is 5 feet deep. One cubic foot of water has a capacity of approximately 7.48 gallons. If water costs ​$3 per thousand​ gallons, how​ much, to... more


A company needs to manufacture cylindrical cans out of tin, each of which must have both a bottom and a top and a volume of 382cm3

A) How should the company design the cans (i.e. what are the dimensions of the cans) if they want to minimize the cost of constructing them?B)According to Google, most soup cans have a volume of... more


the difference of 2 numbers is 90 and their quotient is 10

I need to know because this questions confuse SO MUCH someone help I will appreciate it so much

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