Adverbs Resources


Some students confuse adjectives and their corresponding adverbs.   Adjectives describe a noun and the adjective must agree in gender and number. In certain cases, such as mejor and peor, an adjective will only agree in number. An adverb, such as bien or mal, does not agree in gender or number; it is neutral.   Mal vs Malo/s and Mala/s   Mal is an adverb... read more


Adverbs Written by tutor Alexa S. What is an adverb? An adverb describes a verb or an adjective. It can describe when, where, or how about an action. When: After breakfast, he goes to work. Where: He went upstairs. How: He quickly ran to the bathroom. Adverbs are different than adjectives (adjectives describe nouns). However, adverbs are often adjective words... read more