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Since it's Thanksgiving week, let's think about pie for a second. No, not mathematical pi, just actual real edible pies. For Thanksgiving I'm in charge of making dessert, so I'll be bringing two pies, one pumpkin and one apple. Let's say that I sliced the apple pie into 12 pieces, and the pumpkin pie, since it held together better, into 18. Fast forward to the end of the evening... read more


Yes, there is only one way.  Let's say for example that we have a fraction of 2/3.  Now, the bottom number is the denominator which means the number of equal parts into which a whole circle most specifically is divided.  So the circle is divided into 3 equal parts.  On the other hand, the top number is the numerator which means how many equal parts out of all of them are lightly... read more

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