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Last week in my Literature Spotlight, I explored the connections between humanity, free will and morality in Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange. For this week's Writing Rundown, I thought I'd share with you my brainstorming process. As I mentioned in this blog post, there are many different ways to brainstorm for a project. For this one, I chose to use a Word Cloud. I chose the Word Cloud because it's a much more flexible and organic method than going straight for an outline, and I was anticipating this particular topic being tricky to organize. All of the ideas bouncing around in my head were interconnected, and I felt a Word Cloud would help me sort them out and figure out the best way to structure my essay. In the center of the page, I began with the phrase “Loss of Free Will.” I knew that was the central key to my current thought process – that the loss of free will was what actually affected the main character's humanity, far more than any other... read more

Being an adult, being an authority of your subject or your subjects, and being a tutor can be rather intimidating for a student of school years, no matter how young or old they are. This is particularly the situation when you first meet them, and it may take some time before they feel more comfortable to reveal to you where they need help.   So, starting off your tutoring session with a genuine "how are you?" or something of that nature can always help. They will realize that you care about them as individuals instead of just getting help and information from you. Also, what I find helpful after finding out how they are, I always ask them "so, how can I help you today?" By asking these two vital questions, they will feel they have more control of how the tutoring session will go, and they will have their educational questions answered.

I am very surprised to learn that the College Board and other educational testing entities are issuing the first updated online SAT test to the public, in general. I never even tried to practice the latest SAT, etc. test online. I prefer to work with students who take their own online practice tests or complete practice workbooks from the latest two years' editions of SAT, ACT, etc. and then check with me for items missed (reasoning glitches behind misunderstandings will be explored) without my initial, personal interference. I never assumed that the tests would be available to independent tutors outside Education Week's/the College Board's/Princeton's/Kaplan's purviews. My goal is to help with reasoning issues, not to memorize answers. I understood that testing publishers issue workbooks after the test is initially introduced to the first wave of test-takers. Every year some questions are revised to ensure the sanctity of testing uniqueness. Also, a percentage... read more

Hello,   I would love to talk with someone who is up for their "students to design and conduct a scientific experiment and test claims that aeroponic growing methods can produce more food in ways that use less land and water compared to traditional soil-based growing methods."    Traditionally for Math and Science Students in 6th or 7th grade and takes 15-30 hours over a period of 40 days.   Contact me for more information about the experiment, and purchasing the equipment.   Best,   Josh

Textbooks typically have websites for people to use basically for videos, flash cards, exercises, practice quizzes, and practice tests. If your students have textbooks by McDougal Littell, there is a good likelihood that they have access to this website. They include language arts, math, science, social science, and languages for the middle and high school students.   As for the ability to use the textbook websites, it is probably going to be different for each textbook company. As for that I refered to, you can use the self-check quizzes with no need for a code. For anything else like the flash cards for example, the teacher needs to work with the textbook company.

To all prospective/current clients and students: -For cancellations made within 24 hours of any scheduled tutoring session, I will assess a cancellation fee of 1/2 of the lesson rate. -For students who do not show up or if you show up more than 15 minutes late to a scheduled session, my full rate will be charged. On the same token, I am applied to the same rules of conduct: -If I am more than 15 minutes late to a scheduled session, then student is charged 50% of lesson or if possible make up time after. -If I missed a scheduled lesson, then your next scheduled lesson is completely free.

“It is as inhuman to be totally good as it is to be totally evil.” ~(Author's Introduction to A Clockwork Orange, P. xiii) The protagonist of A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess, is a depraved young teen named Alex who has a love for 'ultra-violence.' For the first third of the book, Alex gleefully commits felony after felony, robbing, raping, and beating up random innocents just for the fun of it. At first glance, anyone witnessing his nighttime escapades would probably call him inhuman, a monster. And he is certainly degenerate and warped – but is he really inhuman? After all, humanity has sunk to some pretty low depths in history, and the human race is capable of acts of incredible violence and devastation. What do we really mean when we call someone inhuman? Are there some qualities absent in Alex that we feel should be present in all humans? A sense of morality, perhaps? A Clockwork Orange explores the link between morality, free will, and humanity, and shows... read more

Hello students,   I am glad that you are visiting the website to find tutors who can help you in your time of need.  As tutors respond to your inquiries, it is imperative that you maintain communication with those tutors.  We tutors want to provide assistance, but if you do not communicate with us, then how will we know if you still need our help.  If more than one tutor has responded to your inquiry, then that is fine.  But if you selected a tutor of your choice, please notify the other tutors that you already found a candidate who is suitable for your needs.  It helps let us know that you are good and makes us think that you actually care about getting the assistance you asked for.   In addition to this, you have access to your student account.  If you do not have an account after finding the best fit tutor, then you should create one ASAP.  I encourage to visit that account and email your tutors often.  Most tutors... read more

    If you live in one of the PARCC state standardized test states -- including New Jersey where I am based -- you should exercise your right as a parent/student to request that the school allow your child to take the test with PENCIL AND PAPER, not the computerized version.  Why?   Because students score lower when they take the online format.   Here's why: And here's the original national news coverage of the lower online-version test scores:       FOR MORE INFORMATION, visit me here on WyzAnt.      

Here is a study tip for all you science students.     Go to the library and find all the textbooks you can on your given subject - especially for Organic Chemistry.  Since I am referencing Organic, I will use the subject as an example.   When I was in first semester Organic Chemistry, there was an Emeritus Professor who left the department.  He was a great teacher, but more than that, he was a mentor and a friend to many of the undergraduate students.  When he left, his office still had all of his books in it and come to find out, he left all the books to the department.     There were only a handful of students who went to collect books and see if we wanted any of them.  I found a page labeled with the semester, year and exam number next to a problem.  That gave me the idea that there are books with old exam questions.   So, I not only took all the books that I could to practice the problems... read more

Over the years, I have started to identify the kind of student with whom I work most effectively, whether in tutoring or in a traditional college setting. My kind of student is one who is serious about learning, is willing to think beyond an immediate problem, and has an open mind. Being serious about learning means that one is actively pursuing knowledge without waiting to be told what should be learned. Understanding that any knowledge gained in this pursuit is a treasure, not a waste of time, is paramount. Knowing that this pursuit extends outside of the classroom and outside of a tutoring session is key as well.   As a tutor, I receive many initial student requests to help with an assignment that is, typically, due within a few days. I generally turn these down and here's why. To me, it is not clear that these students are willing to think beyond what is immediately in front of them. If I have lessons with them, would they accept that I would teach the necessary concepts... read more

Well done folks! We have finally arrived. This the third part of the three-part computer programming post. We will learn how to write a program that will accept data by user input through the keyboard and also print out a result to the computer monitor after performing a simple task of checking if the number is positive of negative. For simplicity, I have chosen the object-oriented, higher level programming language C++ to program the computer to perform a simple computation for us. We will write a C++ program that will prompt the user to type in an integer and the program will check whether the entered integer is positive or negative and display an appropriate output. //////////////////////// #include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { /*variable declarations*/ int number; int threshold = 0; // we assume 0 is positive /*user prompted for input, then input received from keyboard*/ cout<<... read more

To all prospective/current clients and students: Please Read This!   * All cancellation notices must be made by text and WyzAnt email.  *Greater than 24 hours until tutoring session: No charge. * 24 hours or less until tutoring session: Charged in full at agreed upon rate.   There is no charge to reschedule within the same week, if available. I will attempt to accommodate rescheduling requests. A rescheduled session is subject to the above cancellation policy.     **One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way. FS**                                                                                                         ...

Frequently Asked Questions   What do you do to help make learning fun? This depends on the subject and the student's age. I have created Jeopardy games, given play money/candy as rewards for answering correctly, played board games (while studying), gathered books on subjects that interest the student, and much more.   Do you offer any guarantees? Yes, I am not satisfied until you are. If your child receives a grade on a test/quiz that is below a "C" then I will review the material with the student at no charge.   Can you guarantee my child will improve? I can assure you that I will give your child all the tools necessary to improve their grades. It is ultimately up to the child to improve.   What are the typical grade improvements you see? Most children will improve a minimum one letter score within only a few weeks of tutoring.   Do you offer ongoing tutoring rates? Yes, students who meet a minimum... read more

Games are a great way to make use of the language, especially for beginners, regardless of age! It's something I try to do at the end of each lesson, the last 10 to 15 minutes of the lesson.   Hangman - really gets beginners practicing to say the letters Cheese Dip - perfect for the younger ones, they will love to practice spelling words with those cheese letters and mice Go Fish - practice using tener, numbers and colors Guess Who - students practice describing using the verbs ser and tener and colors, body parts, and food Operation - practice body parts, the verbs doler, tiene dolor, el dolor esta... plus of course body parts and also use of estar Hedbanz - practice using ser, tener, estar, plus a wider ray of descriptions than "Guess Who" since there is more of a variety of objects, indoor items, outdoor tools, animals, vehicles etc. Would You Rather? - can be used to simply describe the ridiculous things happening or for more advanced... read more

This is the second part of the Computer Programming three part blog post. Here is a synopsis of the background knowledge and the necessary terminology needed before writing a computer program. Those students who are curious about writing computer programs, those who are being home-schooled, or those who are in special education programs will find this post especially useful. I intend to prepare you to speak the language of computer programmers. This will also prepare you for the computer programming that we will engage in my next blog post of this series. If you have already written a computer program you will get a review of the basics as well as get a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes. On a humorous note, we are not talking about the sage on the stage, but the guide on the side.   Introduction to Computer Programming Terminology: 1. A programming language is a formal constructed language designed to communicate instructions to a computer or a... read more

Spring is in the air. With Spring comes time to freshen up again. As tutors and educators, we need to freshen up on our skills, our transportation, and our teaching methods. With a fresh new attitude, we endeavor to raise our student's altitude. We freshen up to allow for more fun in line with the new season. Here is my essential chores check-list to tackle when Spring arrives:   Month of March >This year, daylight savings time(DST) begins on Sunday, March 13. Go to sleep early the night before and remember to set all your clocks and watches one hour ahead >Update your own assessments to match new test requirements e.g. EOG tests, PSAT, SAT, ACT, GED, GRE, GMAT, etc >Work on your own promotional materials >Advertise through usual channels such as social media and bulletin boards   Month of April >Seek ways to improve your tutoring by adding in new games, fun activities, or even stories >Take a class or learn a new... read more

In math or science we come across terms such as inverse proportion and direct proportion. When two variables are directly proportional an increase in one variable causes an increase in the other variable. When two variables are inversely proportional an increase in one variable causes a decrease in the other variable.    Inverse Proportion: To illustrate inverse proportionality, I will use a common physics problem. Two golf balls are thrown down from a tall building at the same time and one ball has twice the velocity of the other ball. Which ball hits the ground first assuming only velocity is different?  We already know that velocity is approximately equal to distance / time. Let the velocity of the slower ball be v. Assuming only the velocity of the two balls is different, we can say approximately v = d / t. We can eliminate wind force, atmospheric force, and force of gravity since both balls will be affected equally. If you increase v,... read more

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