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I used to tell my student teachers: For every hour lesson that you teach in a classroom, be prepared to spend 10 hours prepping and preparing for the set up and delivery of that lesson.  The first time you teach any lesson, you will prepare all of the conceptual material, all of the interactive materials that your students will be using, and you will be adding to your knowledge of the content-- particularly if you are teaching any of the sciences.  People generally do not understand how difficult it is to fashion an hour's lesson at a professional and excellent level.     I have deep sympathy for the AP students out there who are scrambling to adapt to a changing text environment.  Meanwhile, I do not wish to present anything other than an excellent presentation online to represent myself-- or Wyzant.  This is not as simple as "turn on the cameral and talk for an hour".  Perhaps it is reasonable to ask for a FREE hour from tutors... read more

I would love to help students prepare for the AP Biology Exam! In this time of change, I understand how teaching has changed and students have been forced to adapt to the online learning environment. I am willing to do everything in my part to help these students succeed, including providing free AP Biology Exam prep lessons. In high school, I passed the AP Biology exam and I graduated college with a BS in Biology so my passion for learning and teaching this subject is truly warranted. 

With the AP Music Theory Test on the horizon, it is important for students to prepare for a type of test we have never seen before. While your regular teachers are a great resource, it is a good idea to check in with someone who specializes in Test Prep and who is keeping up with all of the sudden changes. The College Board group has submitted new preparations, new practice exams, and new formats to handle the online format, are you up to date? In order to grab that college credit (and potentially pass out of unnecessary classes) I encourage all student's taking the AP Test to reach out to a AP Specified Tutor who is familiar and capable of reviewing all of the changes.

Hello! I am Nasir, Math and Physics Tutor on wyzant, I am experienced and professional Tutor. I use different techniques to make my lesson fruitful and it is based on students requirement. I offer my quick and energetic services for online tutoring. For further queries and question send a message. it will be my pleasure to be with you during the course of time. thank you so much  

Greetings all! I saw the poll for the upcoming AP examinations! This poll was interesting to see because I did not think the AP exams would still be administered through distance learning! Are the AP exams considered standardized tests statewide or at least county wide ? 

What is the best college for premed. A big mistake many students intending to go to medical school make is going to a top 30 undergraduate school. Medical schools are ranked based on MCAT scores and GPA of the students they admit. They adjust GPA somewhat for the level of the school, but not much. Do you get better preparation at a top school? Absolutely. However, medical schools do not rate applicants the name way school do for undergraduate admission or graduate programs in subject areas do. What are the worst schools to go to for premed? My alma mater, Johns Hopkins may be one of the worst if your goal is to be a physician rather than a dentist biology Ph.D or whatever. The reason is that it is harder to get a certain GPA there in premed majors than at the top Ivies. Does that make it a bad school? Maybe the opposite.  I saw about a Hopkins student who got into medical school with a 3.1 average in Bioengineering, a notoriously difficult major. She... read more

I have helped a number of students get high SAT scores and so on, but I have found that will only go so far without the right transcript. I am a tutor not an admissions adviser, so am not an expert on this. However, I recently worked with a student who got 1350 combined SATs and a 710 on the math level II exam. Her parents had her do a lot of SAT prep, which paid off. However, she had a 3.7 unwaited and only a few AP classes. She didn't do that well in AP classes and or have high scores on AP exams. She got into several top 200 schools, and was waitlisted at 2 top 100 schools. I worked with another student. Initially, I helped him improve from C to A in honors Algebra II. Then we did a lot of math SAT prep and eventually he got 780. I think he had 670 verbal. He was in all AP classes, or mostly the hardest available, but he told me he had really bad grades. Again, he didn't get into top 100 schools. So generally, my experience indicates that you need... read more

The Math Level II Subject Test covers honors precalculus It covers a wide range of material, but not the most advanced material in each topic Partly because the test does not cover exactly the same material as your precalculus class in school, it is a good idea to self study for the exam of study with a tutor. In general, for other subject tests, it is a good idea to get the official guide with 4 real tests and the Barrons guide. There are also many other prep books. Princeton Review guides are also generally thorough. It is a one hour test with 50 multiple choice questions. You can take three subject tests at a time That used to be standard, but now people often concentrate on one or two tests at a time. There is also a Math Level I Subject Test Very few students take it It covers a wider range of material, but only through honors Algebra II People usually take the subject test when applying to top 50 schools or engineering programs Those... read more

Imagine what being a master of your own time would look like. Maybe for you that would mean no more late nights. No tired mornings. Energy, focus, clarity. You jump into each project with a plan of action and you get it done, quickly. You can say yes to your friends and family. You balance work, school, your social and personal life easily. You feel good about your accomplishments as you knock them down one at a time. Procrastination vanishes. Confidence grows. Success is a recipe you can easily follow and it will make you the master over your time. When time owns you, often you’ll find yourself struggling to keep up. Overwhelm, frustration, and disappointment are easily accessed emotions. If you’re not getting “enough” done each day, you’re not in charge of your time, time is in charge of you. This guide will show you proven strategies for taking control of your time, and your life. If you... read more

I've been an educator for nearly 20 years, first as a high school history and language teacher, and now more than ten years as a private tutor and study coach. I have spent thousands of hours, one-on-one, with students in middle school, high school, and college, and I have zeroed in on some simple and concrete strategies for helping them manage their independent studies. As schools begin to close down for extended periods, sometimes moving to remote instruction, a great portion of the responsibility for learning is now in the students' hands. Self-management will be crucial in making these studies effective, and I believe the strategies below will prove useful. So without further ado - How To Succeed In School Without Teachers (Or A School)   Creating a plan that is SPECIFIC is key. Sit down, and on paper or screen answer these questions: WHEN will I do my work? First, sketch out a broad plan for the coming week using Google calendar... read more

I respect both your learning time and my teaching time. For lesson scheduling, I will be implementing the following policies starting 3/3/20:     Cancellation policy for students   If a student wishes to cancel a scheduled lesson, they must do so at LEAST 12 hours in advance (via the Wyzant messaging system). Doing this will result in no charge on your card, and we will be able to reschedule the lesson at a more convenient time.   If a cancellation is requested between 4-12 hours before the scheduled lesson time, a 50% cancellation fee will be charged.    If a cancellation is requested less than 4 hours before the lesson time, a fee of 75% of the lesson will be charged.     If a student arrives more than 5 minutes late to the lesson, the time spent waiting will also be charged.      I always wait 15 minutes in the online lesson space. If the student has not joined the... read more

Arrays are an important part of javascript. There are situation where you may want to add more items to an array at run time. In order to add a new item to the end of an Array, we use the push() function.   .push() takes one or more parameters and pushes them to the end of the array   e.g   var arr = [1, 2, "three", 4, "hello"]; arr.push("good");   The resulting arr will now contain:   [1, 2, "three", 4, "hello", "good"]    You can also pass multiple item to .push(), e.g: arr.push("best", 4, "amazing");   I hope you now are now familiar with .push() function. In the next blog post, I will explain the pop() function.   Task: Consider the following array var fruits = ["apple", "banana", "orange"]; Add two more fruits to the fruits array...

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