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Dear students, I trust that you are all safe under this circumstances. Tutorship is an art and a science, especially now. I would add it could be used not only as a study aid but also as an emotional tool for stress reduction. What I talking about is when we have the good match of tutor-student then the student should relax. Usually this happens during the first few sessions. My advantage is that I am both a tutor and an instructor who taught on line and in-person in a traditional classroom setting as well as virtually and hybrid across multi-campus, multi-city classrooms. Since my specialty comprises of quantitative courses coupled with research level papers editing and proofreading, I can comfortably say, that most students hindrances stem from two things: 1. A mismatch between the classroom professor’s style and lack of time to customize her or his style to suit individual students. 2. Stress caused by not explaining how to study or solve problems as... read more

I have PowerPoints of my own that I use through the Wyzant Screenshare application to lecture the student on the chapter they are working through.  I can also use this later to discuss the rationale for the correct answers to the tests and quizzes I send them through Wyzant email.   This truly does make tutoring easier on me and I do not have to pay a monthly fee for the use of similar products on different platforms.

Hello everyone. I love tutoring and helping others achieve higher levels of knowledge! With that being said, I value the time I spend teaching and the time you spend learning. In order to respect each of our times and schedules, I implemented the following cancellation, no-show and late policies:   Tutees: Cancellation Policy: If you're unable to attend our scheduled tutoring session, please let me know through Wyzant's messaging system at least 12 hours prior to the start of the scheduled lesson. If you notify me 12 hours or more in advance, you will not be charged for the lesson and we can schedule a time that's more convenient for you. If you decide to cancel the lesson between 3-11 hours before the scheduled lesson, 50% of the price of the lesson will be charged. If I'm notified two hours or less before the lesson, 100% of the price of the lesson will be charged. No Show Policy: If you're 15 minutes late to a lesson and didn't notify me that you'd... read more

I value my time spent teaching and your time spent learning. In order to facilitate the scheduling of lessons, I use the following cancellation and no-show policies:   1. If you are unable to attend a scheduled online session, please send me a message through the Wyzant Messaging system 12 hours or more before start time of scheduled lesson. If done so, no charges will be applied to your account. If a student asks for a cancellation/rescheduling of lesson less than 12 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson, a cancellation fee will be assessed. 2. No Show: If you are more than 15 minutes late to a session and did not communicate to me that you are going to be late before the session began, I will consider it as a "no show" and charge the full cost of the session.  3. If you are late to any session, but it is not considered a no-show as per my policy, we can continue the session. However, you will be charged the full amount, and the time... read more

The newest Wyzant poll asks about how we keep our schedules.  I use the Wyzant calendar to schedule the lessons and log into them, but I use a Google calendar to add them as well, so that my family has access to when I will be unavailable.  This is especially important since we're working from home during Covid19 restrictions and managing parenting. I invite my family to view the lesson time/date so they are able to better manage their own schedules.

Since I need to coordinate the university classes I teach, my family schedules, and my tutoring, I sync it all to  I then restrict the public information. Any open time slot is available for tutoring. Since I hate playing text-tag to schedule an appointment I send my link and my students can see what times work for them (in their own time zone, too) and then they let me know what they want.

I use a combination of calendars, but I really like that the Wyzant calendar is easy to make changes. Showing the students time is really helpful when I schedule online through messages. It would be wonderful if that would show when I schedule through the app, too. The biggest issue I have is trying to keep up with all the different time zones of my students.

I use the Wyzant calendar exclusively as I do all of my private teaching in wyzant. However the calendar could use an upgrade. It's a kluge when you have to scroll down to the evening hours. Said another way, when scrolling down to the evening hours, the day and date move up to the top such that you can no longer tell which column is the day of the week.   Most other calendars I use permit the user to scroll up and down while the day/date stay above that column as a banner.   Nuf Said? Huey

There are tutors out there charging less than $15 per hr for tutoring in Engineering, Really..I am getting prospects that are trying to negotiate with me an hourly rate at or below that. This is unfair competition, and if you are desperate enough to get students that way, then you should not tutor as you are driving the value of the profession way down..Then I get notification from Wyzant that I should be $10 at or below that rate,,,What a disgrace!!! 

1. If you are unable to attend a session (in person or online) that was scheduled, please give written notice through Wyzant 12 hours or more before start time of scheduled lesson. If done so, no charges will be applied to your account. 2. No Show: If you are more than 15 minutes late to a session (in person or online) and did not communicate to me that you are going to be late before the session began or during that 15 minutes of tardiness, I will charge the full cost of the session and it is your responsibility to schedule another session and any other session will be charged as per my rate regardless of this missed session. 3. If you are late to any session but it is not considered a no show as per my policy, we can continue the session, you will be charged the full amount, but the time will be deducted from your session (Ie. if the session is for 5PM and you arrive at 5:10PM, the session will still end at 6PM). 4. Please note also, if we have a session... read more

Recently I had a female student that I did an excellent job tutoring her in an Engineering subject. During the session she lost interest in the subject and I could feel it because she came unprepared and was not understanding much. She also asked me few times about getting overcharged as we went over the 2 hr limit with about 15 minutes or so. I only charged her for two hrs, but she gave me a 2 star rating. I tried to contact her to see why she rated me this low, but she did not answer. I was then forced to cancel the lesson to remove the low rating before it was charged to her account. I lost out on the money and she got away with free session. My thought was that I would rather lose the money than having such a low and unfair rating on my record. I am afraid that she might do it again to another tutor. So, if you get contacted by this girl for a lesson DON'T give her a lesson, because I believe that she will do to you what she did to me. If you would like her name, then send me a... read more

Hi all,    I just joined Wyzant as a tutor a few days ago, and was a bit perturbed by an answer I saw to a student question about how to transition to the study of law online. The one tutor who answered this student spent the majority of the post selling himself to the student, noting his high ranking on the website. He did not really answer the student's question. Should I report this?    I understand that Wyzant is a business, and that the tutors on the site are looking for compensation for their time and effort (especially due to current events). However I still feel that pretty much any blog post answer should be 99% dedicated to answering the student's question, and maybe 1% at most "selling" one's services or offering further help.   Thoughts?    Thanks!

I am sure most of you have noticed when scrolling through the questions under the Ask An Expert tab how many of them actually ask the tutors to do the described tasks for the students who ask the questions themselves.  Although we as tutors can report students who ask us to take tests, write whole essays and research papers, I think WyzAnt should start filtering out questions under Ask An Expert that explicitly ask tutors to carry out assignment tasks large and small.  Even though we as tutors can simply bypass those questions when looking for questions to answer under Ask An Expert that fit our own expertise, I think that if WyzAnt were to filter out such questions--namely ones that have keywords in them including "What do you think..." for argumentative-persuasive essay topics to be discussed from the students' own perspectives and knowledge, or "What is the answer to this problem?" for math exercises, for example, then students could also be alerted... read more

Obviously, very few people, across all aspects of our country, as well as others, never foresaw the impact of a worldwide pandemic affecting our daily lives, especially as it comes to the school season. Never the less, in spite of the significant changes to our lives, we in the 21 Century have a great many advantages for continued learning. For many of us, we can probably remember when a mobile phone, was a futuristic fantasy, let alone something called the Internet. These are tools, just as drawing in the sand with one's finger, to a mud tablet with itching, now we have digital binary data points flying around cyberspace. However, teaching, instructing, and education have one factor which transcends human development. 'A teacher'. It is a tremendous responsibility to offer another person, a student, the opportunity to expand their knowledge, to consider different perspectives, to 'think outside the box', to imagine, to wonder, and to entertain concepts which challenge... read more

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