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One of the best ways to retain your new language skills is by finding ways to use the language in your own life, geared towards your own interests.  Let me know what your interests are, and I will make some suggestions on how to incorporate your interest and Spanish practice at the same time!  For example, if you like to cook, search for authentic recipes in Spanish. Search or cultural events in your community -- you might be surprised to find theater, movies, festivals, story times, and more! 

Question: Choose three numbers out of the four: 6, -3, -5, -9, and multiply them. Call the product P. Let a and b be the greatest and least possible values of P, respectively. What is the value of a-b?   The directions indicate A and B be the greatest and possible values of P.   P is the product of the three numbers out of the four after multiplying them.   So here we have 6, -3, -5, -9.   So we have these possible combination of P.   6*-3*-5 = 90 (2 negatives equals positive) 6*-3*-9 = 162 6*-5*-9 = 270 -3*-5*-9=-135 (3 negatives equals negative)     Of these combination, A is the greatest value of P, so 270 from 6*-5*-9.   Finding B is similar to finding A, only that B is the LEAST possible value of P.   So from the possible combination of P. B is LEAST, meaning that you want the smallest value, -135 (being negative) is the least possible value... read more

College application essays are one of my favorite assignments to work on with students. They are a chance for me to get to know my students better as we brainstorm topics for their personal essays. I get to hear about childhood memories, unique family traditions, and uncommon hobbies. I love helping students find their voice and tell their unique stories to colleges. My students do not share my enthusiasm for application essays. They feel immense pressure to produce their best pieces of writing to impress colleges. They have also probably heard vague tidbits of advice on how to accomplish this: stand out, don’t be cliché, and be interesting. It’s no wonder that a lot of students have trouble finding a place to start. Here are a few tips to make college application essays less scary: 1. Reading other essays: Read other well-written college application essays. Many colleges release strong application essays from previous years. Reading an array of these essays... read more

Most questions refer back to the text by line number. They’ll say, “David Wright’s comments in Lines 8-12 (“They wanted... baseball) suggest that the reason the Mets picked him was… While lines 8-12 most likely contain the answer, it’s important that we consider the lines in context. A good rule of thumb is to search for the answer not only in the lines they tell you, but also in the previous two lines, as well as the following two lines. So you should primarily check 8-12, but also be aware the answer could be in 6-7 or 13-15. The College Board especially loves to put the answer before the lines they tell you. Since we’ve learned to read to the right and downwards, the best place to hide an answer would be above the lines they told you to interpret.

Over the last few years, the SAT has lost a tremendous amount of market share to the ACT. Over 1.84 million high school graduates sat for the ACT in 2014, while only 1.67 million took the SAT. The College Board changed the SAT to look more like its competitor. Both exams now feature: *An optional essay *Longer sections – The old SAT had 10 sections. Each was around 20 minutes in length. Both the new SAT and the ACT have four sections (the exact number depends on how you count), which average around 45 minutes. *More science related content. The ACT has a Science section. The new SAT will not, but includes these concepts in the Reading and Math sections). *No penalty for guessing. *No esoteric vocabulary. Gone are the days when people described five dollar words as SAT words!

Thank you for choosing me to be your child’s tutor. I strive to be the best tutor I can be and welcome your input and insights. This process takes time, even when the student is really trying. “Trying” means: listening and taking notes in class, attempting homework, and actively participating in our sessions. Please know that I am rooting for your child’s success! Please see the lists below of expectations and tutoring information. Session Info: • Sessions are 1 hour minimum. Longer sessions can be accommodated at the request of the parents. • 24 hour cancellation policy (see below) • Parents are encouraged to stay the first 1 – 2 times. After that, I prefer that it is just the student and I. In my experience, students are more relaxed, focused and perform better when parents are not around. I always communicate with the parents at the end of each session. • Student participation in sessions to include problem solving, asking and answering... read more

If you have a kindergartener, 1st, or second grade child and are looking to jumpstart their mathematical experience with a hands-on and fun approach to mathematics, please consider booking me as a tutor.  I am a certified elementary education and special education teacher. I would love to work with your child using LEGO Education MoreToMath. This is a fantastic product that is teaching primary students to think conceptually about math and to help make story problems easier to solve using a hands-on approach where the students can see their thinking process by using specially designed LEGO bricks.   Watch this YouTube video to learn more. ; Key skills developed:   Problem-Solving Skills Understanding of the practices of mathematical problem solving, making sense of problems, reasoning, perseverance, precision, modeling, and representation. Comprehension Skills Reinforcing math learning through... read more

Since the sum is 954, you know that the integers can’t be 1, 2, 3…etc because 954 is a large sum.   We also know that each integer is distinct from one another, that means there won’t be any duplicates of the same integer.   10 numbers are chosen from 1-100.   We will start backwards…the 10 integers could be 100, 99, 98, 97, 96, 95, 94, 93, 92. Add the 9 integers together first to make sure you are within range. SUM total: 100+99+98+97+96+95+94+93+92 = 864 To find the last number: 954-864 = 90 90 is the answer

¿Alguna vez ...? - ... has estado en la televisión? - ... has cantado en público? - ... te has tenido el pelo de rubio? - ... has comido ancas de rana? - ... has recibido un regalo que te parecía odioso? - ... has chocado contra un farol? - ... te has caído o has tropezado delante de los demás? - ... has hecho algún trabajo de voluntario? - ... has montado a caballo? - ... has hecho algún deporte extremo? - ... te han asaltado? - ... te has roto un hueso? - ... has hecho trampa en un examen? - ... te has enamorado a primera vista? - ... has conocido/visto a algún famoso? - ... has dormido en una tienda de campaña?

Virtual Reality: Creating Brand Connection In Another World If marketing firms could infiltrate our dreams with product ads, they absolutely would. The rise of Virtual Reality (VR) through Oculus Rift, and the Samsung gear VR is bringing them closer to it than ever before. We have been searching for a medium to transport us to another world for centuries. It began with storytelling around the campfire, evolved into theater and then film, and has now arrived at Virtual Reality. Branding & marketing have come a long way A hundred years ago, we had upside down pictures of staged boxing matches on early film cameras, the short films of DW Griffith, and no sound. Initially, not much thought was given to figuring out a way to monetize technology for brand awareness. Today, film and media set the standard in the fashion world and rake in billions of dollars in branding and marketing. Though VR is in its early stages, people who have tried it report a strong sense... read more

If you're developing for the Samsung Gear VR then you need to know how to debug your app over wi-fi. Since the phone has to be physically disconnected from the PC to be put on the headset, there is no way to get Android debug messages over the USB cable.  ADB provides wireless debugging over Wi-Fi. To enable it follow the steps below. At your command prompt, type 1. adb devices - You’ll get your device signature if it is connected to the USB 2. adb tcpip 5555 - This will open a port 3. Find the IP address of your Android device by going into the device Wi-Fi settings, mine is 4. adb connect Now you can disconnect your phone from the computer and still get the debug messages from your program over wi-fi . Filter your logcat 5. Type adb logcat -s “YOUR_PROGRAM_TAG” To get back to USB debugging 6. adb usb   Bivas

1. Usually my students are dedicated learners and explorers of the Russian language, history and culture. They are interested in knowing more about Russia through the Internet. I provide them with the links to the most interesting Russian websites. 2. Russian movies with the English subtitles help my students with learning an everyday conversational language and today's culture there. I select the most interesting Russian movies for my students. 3. For those who likes cooking, I have plenty of videos with the Russian recipes. I'll help you to learn some of the words and terminology in order to be understood by your Russian colleagues. Or even better, we'll go shopping to the Russian store in the downtown of Tampa. 4. If you need to learn how to type in Russian I'll help you with that. This is such fun to be able to send an email or a text message to a friend of yours in Russian! 5. You like Russian music. In between of our grammar tutoring or learning something about... read more

School is about to start. Before start tutoring in Kindergarten and First grade I always do a beginning of the year assessment to check on your child's level and focus on what your child needs to be working on. In addition for tutoring with me your kindergarten will receive for free ( 10$ value) a Kindergarten Parent Handbook. This handbook  is all you need to help your student home everyday to be successful in Kindergarten. The handbook will include: At home activities sight words How to be a reader at home Reading Strategies How to make spelling fun Sight words book (This book is divided per list, the parent will periodically check their progress on sight words) My challenge words book Letter names and sounds monthly practicing sheet My picture dictionary book Building Math skills at home 100s chart skip counting by 5 and 10 Days of the week and months of the year Shapes Money song Money sorting mat Scavenger... read more

solve 81-(2^-2)   Explanation 1: 81 is the same as saying 34 writing out the whole problem again, replacing 81 with 34 you get 34(2^-2) (2^-2) is the same as saying 1/2^2=1/4 3-4*1/4 = 3^-4/4 =  3^-1 = 1/3   Explanation 2: 81 is simplified to a smaller number and is the same as saying 3^4. So our equation now looks like this: 3^-4(2^-2). The 2^-2 is the same as saying 1/2^2 which is the same as saying 1/4. So now we have 3^-4/4, which equals 3^-1. The 3^-1 is the same as saying 1/3. The answer is 1/3.  

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