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1. When you start “giving” your dreams away for free. 2. When you focused on making the listeners “care” about what I was talking about. 3. When you “truly believed” in what you are sharing with them. I had seen this participant in our meetings many times before? He wears his baseball cap on backwards. His clothes are disheveled and he comes to the meetings often times late. He has given presentations before in our meetings and was an average presenter, saying ordinary things, but today— Today was uncommonly different. Today he looked different. He was dressed in a dark blue suit with no hat, and he delivered a smooth presentation and a content filled with substance. The listeners applauded with vigor and enthusiasm. He did not seem surprised at the response from his audience, but I as his coach certainly was. How did he accomplish this feat? He simply said, “I’ve been listening to what you have been... read more

1. Start adding more value to your present employer. 2. Ask for a promotion only after you’ve given your organization all your ideas for free. A friend of mine wanted to be promoted to a full-time position where she was employed. She asked around her office and found who needed her talents most and where she could be of value most. She did and over approximately five years (doing what she loved, I might add) came up with exciting creative ideas and worked many hours for free. After five years she WAS promoted to a full-time position in the organization she had planned for. Would you work for free for five years to get where you wanted to go? People who want to unentangle would! Keep adding huge value to the world with what you do best, Kerry Wyzant Tutor Career Development

1. In the US, posture is always the quickest movement and most effective way to redirect fear. Hand gestures are the second, such as moving your head, shoulders, arms, hands in a direct yet bold and precise way, which adds importance and clarity to your objectives, plus helps you redirect the immediate fear. 2. Stand up straight Feet should be shoulder width apart Hands by your side Observe your breath Observe the rise and fall of your belly and chest I have coached over 200 people one-on-one over the last year and found most of them are fearful of taking a giant step forward. Many want TO AVOID PAIN. Therefore, they don’t move. Fear is an emotional equivalent of pain. Fear is also a powerful source of energy. My question is how can we use fear as a source of energy towards the things we desire most? Fear of failure AND fear of success is what holds us back from achieving what we truly want. ASK YOURSELF: What must happen... read more

I was going through eight devastating crises all at once in my life. One of them happened to be when my father died and I didn’t have any money to bury him. I had no money and no job. It was a lonely and scary time. I had to use my innate energy differently to change my life and do it fast. MOVE DIFFERENTLY TIPS: 1. MAKE YOUR OWN CAREER. For example: I started a four-week yard sale at my father’s house. Plus, started coaching clients on the art of presentation skills GET ON WITH IT. For example: I needed a lawyer to help me save my father’s house from being sold, I bartered for the service 2. DECIDE WHAT YOUR GOOD AT DOING. For example: To raise money I knew I could sell and communicate effectively, so I started by putting an ad in the local newspaper regarding a “Yard Sale” at my father’s house. Then I worked at selling the items at the sale with the skills of a passionate salesperson. Get up and be first. Don’t eat other people’s dust!   Keep... read more

One of the biggest challenges that nursing students face today is keeping up with all of the machines, paperwork and technology, while at the same time trying to provide excellent bedside care. Some hospitals, sadly, seem to place more emphasis  on the former. They continue to increase the nurse/patient ratio, adding more paperwork to fill out and more technology to manage. How can a new nursing student excel in this environment? Does he or she simply 'go with the flow' when they have very little time left to spend with the patient? Or does he or she try to find the delicate balance between bureaucracy and caring for a priceless human being?   I believe the answer is both: As a professional nurse, it is your duty to complete all of the paperwork required by the facility; you must know how to effectively operate all of the machinery needed to care for the patient, but, you must constantly remind yourself that the most important... read more

Math Student's Rights, by Avery Austin   I have the right to learn Math (Math is learnable like other subjects) I have a right to make mistakes, erase then, and try again (Failure points to what I have not learned yet) I have the right to ask for help (asking for help is a great decision) I have the right to ask questions when I don't understand (understanding is the primary goal) I have the right to ask questions until I understand (perseverance is priceless) I have the right to receive help and not feel stupid for it (asking for help is natural) I have the right to not like some math concepts or disciplines (i.e. trigonometry, statistics, differential equations, etc.) I have the right to define success as learning no matter how I feel about Math (content or disciplines), educators, or parents I have the right to reduce anxiety by redirecting negative self-talk & feelings I have the right to be treated as a person capable of learning I... read more

Tutoring is always fun when the student gets to make activity choices as we go along. I make tutoring fun by planning activities that strengthen the Reader and that makes them interested. Tutoring is fun with social praise and teacher input that motivates them. Tutoring sessions are fun when you know the student wants the end of session token reinforcement. Tutoring can be even more fun if you have some surprise end of session token reinforcement, like candy or small prizes that go with the holiday season or with the mastering of a certain goal at the end of a school year.

Tutoring is always fun when the student gets to make activity choices as we go along. I make tutoring fun by planning activities that strengthen the Reader and that makes them interested. Tutoring is fun with social praise and teacher input that motivates them. Tutoring sessions are fun when you know the student wants the end of session token reinforcement. Tutoring can be even more fun if you have some surprise end of session token reinforcement, like candy or small prizes that go with the holiday season or with the mastering of a certain goal at the end of a school year.

PSY 101 for Chess To Begin – The attempt to better understand Chess, the human mind, and the world at large is attained incrementally by the evolution of various theories. Trying on and testing out a given perspective in chess or psychology can be enlightening. By conducting our own experiments, we can see for ourselves if the understanding of our own mind or the great game of chess is enhanced by a particular vantage point. Fortunately, for us humans, it is our personal experience that will tell us if a theory of mind or approach to understanding chess is rewarding. When we find a perspective that seems to agree with our idiosyncratic selves and proves of value in our laboratory testing at clubs, skittles and tournaments, it should be further explored, developed and perhaps evolved. By example, in chess, a hypermodern approach opines that you need not occupy the center as paramount to winning the game. Instead, as Nimzowitsch maintained, indirect influence of the... read more

These days I'm having so much fun living the dream!  While doing phone interpretations today in Spanish/English and allowing my latest intern Alaina to shadow me (a whole new way to look at tutoring), she asked:  "When we're listening to the clients, I still don't always know what they're saying?  When did you finally start just getting it when you were interpreting?"   I shared with her, smiling, that my first in person interpretation was ROUGH.  But to answer her question more directly, from my 20 years experience vantage point, I couldn't remember exactly HOW I finally got over the hump.    As I thought back, I could remember that it has a lot to do with smiling, laughing, being personable, and LOVING THE PEOPLE AND CULTURE you are interpreting.  I also recommend finding a close friend (and perhaps even better boyfriend/girlfriend) to get to know up close in your target language.    The most important... read more

The reconciliation feature in QuickBooks is a very powerful tool, but my experience has been that the majority of users aren't utilizing its features effectively. In addition, the most common usage of this feature is to reconcile bank statements, but it can also be used to reconcile other accounts as well. Starting a reconciliation is relatively easy, but the reconciliation window that appears after you click on Continue has some features that may not be all that obvious. The first feature is the fact that every column in the reconciliation window can be sorted simply by clicking once on the column heading. If you want the sort in reverse order, click on the column heading a second time. This is especially useful if the bank statement lists cleared checks separately from all other transactions. Click on the Ref# column so the transactions are listed by number and reconcile those. Then click on the Date column so that the entries match the rest of the transactions listed... read more

Did you Know: We can use generators/coroutines in place of multi-threading? Most of us don't think twice about the simple for loop or how it works. Why should we? Is there anything behind it? How does it work? Let's take a look behind the scenes. Python's for loop is really a for each loop (for each element in collection). msg = "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog" If we want to traverse the string above to produce each letter one by one, we simply treat this string like any other sequence in python. for letter in msg:     print letter 'T h e q u i c k b r o w n .... lazy dog... Outcomes our string one letter at a time to the standard output. So what is the for loop actually doing for us? Just as you would assume, as if we were to consume an iterator manually. iterator = iter(msg) T h e ...iterator... read more

April 2016   Featured Local Gospel Artist - The Victory Choral Ensemble   The Victory Choral Ensemble was formed by members who had been a part of the Victory Choral Union, under the leadership of the father of Gospel, the late Thomas A Dorsey. The new group became the Victory Choral Ensemble, and united with Rev. James Cleveland’s Gospel Music Workshop of America. Founded in 1967 by Rev. James Cleveland and Albertina Walker, the GMWA is an annual convention that brings together people who love gospel music from around the world and from many faiths. Thousands of members met for a week long gathering of classes, outreach, musical services, showcases, exhibits and seminars. GMWA participants sing in one of the various music outlets such as the National Mass Choir and the James Cleveland Gospel Chorus. The Victory Choral Ensemble has ministered with many gospel greats including the late Rev. James Cleveland, Pastor Shirley Caesar and Evang. Dorothy... read more

March 2016  The Savettes   The Savettes of Philadelphia continues to sing under the anointing for over 60 years. They are the epitome of excellence in singing praises to God, being known for their renditions of the great hymns of the church. They began as a small group of friends who gathered together to fellowship in members’ homes. At one of those meeting the Spirit of God fell upon them and ordained them to sing with power, strength and a strong commitment to God’s Word. The Savettes ministry has extended to churches, prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, and wherever God’s people are in need. They have ministered with many gospel greats including Mahilia Jackson, the Hawkins Family and the late Rev. James Cleveland. If they can do it, you can do it too!

February 2016  Featured Local Gospel Artist  Yolanda F. Foreman and TIC   Yolanda F Foreman and the Tabernacle Interdenominational Choir is a multi-generational community based choir which was established in January 2004. Musical Director Yolanda Foreman is a Bancroft Program Associate by trade. She was educated at Overbrook High School, Temple University, and Cabrini College. Foreman established the choir known as TIC with a vision to endeavor to become an interdenominational choir family that breaks denominational barriers, while striving to have a close personal relationship with Christ. Their primary goal is to magnify God’s name through the gift of song. TIC’s revenues from their first live recording will be used to establish a TIC Scholarship Fund for matriculating high school seniors pursuing higher education. The choir has ministered to youth, young adults, and grown ups alike at various churches and events throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding... read more

January 2016  Featured Local Gospel Artist Wilmington-Chester Mass Choir   The award-winning Rev. Ernest Davis Jr.’s legendary Wilmington-Chester Mass choir is comprised of singers from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Their 1988 debut “Victory Shall Be Mine” (Sweet Rain Records), yielded hits like “Ride on King Jesus” and “Sovereign”. After the death of Rev. Davis Jr. in 1991, Inner City Communications radio executive Chris Squire took over the 30+year old choir and kept it alive. The choir celebrated winning 2 stellar awards recently as Choir of the Year and Traditional Choir of the Year. They have been nominated multiple times, winning their first two Stellar awards in 1992 for Song of the Year “He’s Preparing Me”, which spent over 70 weeks on Billboard Magazine Gospel Charts, and won Choir of the Year for that same recording. If they can do it, you can do it too!   By: Nikita  

Here is an example of a listening activity which I created for a French 2 Honors class. It's based on a youtube video taken from the popular French soap opera Plus Belle la Vie.  Listening Activity for “Plus Belle la Vie”-Asking for & granting a favor Écoute à la vidéo: jusqu’à (00:53). Essaie de déterminer, avec un partenaire : 1). Où sont-ils ? 2.) The man says to Frémont : « Dites à Léo qu’il me manque. » Qui est Léo ? 3.) What favor does the man ask Frémont for next ? (*Hint: He gives an affirmative command). 4.) Does Frémont agree to help him? Which phrase does he use to grant his favor or make an excuse? *Question Supplémentaire : Quel est le rapport entre Frémont et l’homme avec les cheveux noir ? Quelles phrases t’en faire penser ?    

Here is a sample proofreading checklist which I created for one of my English Language Learner (ELL) students. It is not an exhaustive list, because it is targeted to her most frequent errors.    Proofreading Checklist Did I check… 1. Spelling ?  Microsoft Office Spelling and Grammar check? ? Spelling of proper nouns (specific people, places, things?) ? Example: President Barack Obama 2. Grammar ? Circle all the verbs? ? Check subject/verb agreement? ? Check the verb: o Tense o Spelling 3. Sentence Structure   ? Correct any sentences that are too long? o Add a good variety of short and long sentences? 4. Punctuation ? Put a box around each punctuation mark? ? Check apostrophes? o They should be for possessives (show ownership) or in place of a letter ? Example?: That is Joe's essay. ? Example2 : It’s (It is) a nice day. ? Commas... read more

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