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While I, as a writer, very much enjoy the act of putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, more likely), I understand not everyone is as inclined. In fact, writing can be a very tedious task if you're not invested in your writing, whether an inbox full of emails that need responses or a 10-page paper. But I have a few quick tips that will hopefully make writing more fun for everyone! Write to a soundtrack. Now, this tip may not be for everyone, as some people find it very hard to focus with any kind of distraction. But I find that music playing softly in the background while I type away takes some of the pressure of what I'm doing, as I'm less likely to track the minutes I spend staring at the same sentence if I have a song giving my work flow and momentum. Pick whatever music you like, but I suggest nothing too catchy that you'll be tempted to stop writing and have a karaoke break. I have a playlist of music without words, which doesn't have to be all classical... read more

Hello NCLEX Takers, I am tutor here on WyzAnt that specializes in NCLEX prep work.  It is my passion and absolute focus.  My students fair very well after working with me and my system of addressing this exam.  If you are looking for some answers about how to address the exam and prepare please read through this e-mail and reach out to me at my personal site at   Here are some questions to help me address your needs: 1) How many times have you taken the NCLEX? 2) What nursing school did you go to? 3) How many questions have you gotten on your exam or exams? 4) Do you have an idea of when you would like to take the NCLEX? 5) Where I believe you to be at in your ability to take the NCLEX? I make this decision based on chat a bit and I get a sense for where your strengths and weaknesses are. Different people have different time requirements needed to prepare accordingly. I have... read more

I want to know if 1 hour of tutoring is more effective than 2 hours of tutoring at 1 tutoring session? In my opinion, I believe that 2 hours of tutoring in 1 tutoring session because I can focus on more teaching and instruction without looking at the clock. The parents said that 2 hours is overwhelming for 1 student. Break it up to 1 hour of tutoring at a time. Also, the commute. I don't believe in traveling for 2 hours for 1 hour of tutoring and weather climate.

1. Start adding more value to your present employer. 2. Ask for a promotion only after you’ve given your organization all your ideas for free. A friend of mine wanted to be promoted to a full-time position where she was employed. She asked around her office and found who needed her talents most and where she could be of value most. She did and over approximately five years (doing what she loved, I might add) came up with exciting creative ideas and worked many hours for free. After five years she WAS promoted to a full-time position in the organization she had planned for. Would you work for free for five years to get where you wanted to go? People who want to unentangle would! Keep adding huge value to the world with what you do best, Kerry Wyzant Tutor Career Development

1. In the US, posture is always the quickest movement and most effective way to redirect fear. Hand gestures are the second, such as moving your head, shoulders, arms, hands in a direct yet bold and precise way, which adds importance and clarity to your objectives, plus helps you redirect the immediate fear. 2. Stand up straight Feet should be shoulder width apart Hands by your side Observe your breath Observe the rise and fall of your belly and chest I have coached over 200 people one-on-one over the last year and found most of them are fearful of taking a giant step forward. Many want TO AVOID PAIN. Therefore, they don’t move. Fear is an emotional equivalent of pain. Fear is also a powerful source of energy. My question is how can we use fear as a source of energy towards the things we desire most? Fear of failure AND fear of success is what holds us back from achieving what we truly want. ASK YOURSELF: What must happen... read more

1. When you start “giving” your dreams away for free. 2. When you focused on making the listeners “care” about what I was talking about. 3. When you “truly believed” in what you are sharing with them. I had seen this participant in our meetings many times before? He wears his baseball cap on backwards. His clothes are disheveled and he comes to the meetings often times late. He has given presentations before in our meetings and was an average presenter, saying ordinary things, but today— Today was uncommonly different. Today he looked different. He was dressed in a dark blue suit with no hat, and he delivered a smooth presentation and a content filled with substance. The listeners applauded with vigor and enthusiasm. He did not seem surprised at the response from his audience, but I as his coach certainly was. How did he accomplish this feat? He simply said, “I’ve been listening to what you have been... read more

I was going through eight devastating crises all at once in my life. One of them happened to be when my father died and I didn’t have any money to bury him. I had no money and no job. It was a lonely and scary time. I had to use my innate energy differently to change my life and do it fast. MOVE DIFFERENTLY TIPS: 1. MAKE YOUR OWN CAREER. For example: I started a four-week yard sale at my father’s house. Plus, started coaching clients on the art of presentation skills GET ON WITH IT. For example: I needed a lawyer to help me save my father’s house from being sold, I bartered for the service 2. DECIDE WHAT YOUR GOOD AT DOING. For example: To raise money I knew I could sell and communicate effectively, so I started by putting an ad in the local newspaper regarding a “Yard Sale” at my father’s house. Then I worked at selling the items at the sale with the skills of a passionate salesperson. Get up and be first. Don’t eat other people’s dust!   Keep... read more

From my experience, designing a lesson for one student could be challenging due to not being able to include group or pair-work, which is not only a great way for the students to apply what they have just learned with a fellow classmate allowing them to feel more comfortable to make mistakes but also gives the teacher the opportunity to walk around and listen in and find common errors that can be brought up to the class as a whole instead of singling out a single student's mistake possibly discouraging them, but also because after some time the student can easily get bored deterring them from fully learning the material the tutor is teaching. Here are five things I include in each lesson to ensure that the student is actively learning and having a fun time doing so as well.   1) Make your first lesson informal so they feel comfortable with you from the get-go. They will be hesitant until they feel it is okay to mistakes and the sooner you can get them to let their guard... read more

Consider reducing the following matrix to row-echelon form: 2 3 5 7 | 9 3 5 3 4 | 1 5 6 8 9 | 3 7 3 2 1 | 8 We usually would have to immediately make the 2 in row 1 column 1 equal to a 1 so we could change all the other numbers in that column to a zero in the following 3 operations of row-echelon reduction. But that would change all the other numbers in row 1 to a fraction.   If you continue changing the leading number in each row to a 1 as you descend in the row echelon process by a similar division, you end up with a nightmare of fractions. Here is how to change the 2 in row 1 to a 1 without dividing the entire row by 2. Row 1 = 3 * Row 1 - Row 3 We can replace any row by a linear combination of itself and another row in the matrix. Multiplying Row 1 by 3 changes the first column to a 6 and subtracting the 5 from row 3 changes it to a 1. We could have instead used Row... read more

As a new tutor with WyzAnt I have noticed that there a number of potential students requesting assistance in setting up QuickBooks, and this is often in addition to receiving help in learning how to use the software. Although Intuit markets QuickBooks as a bookkeeping application that even amateurs can use, there are many features that cannot be used effectively without some knowledge of bookkeeping and training. Therefore, I have decided to start a blog that will address some of the issues in setting up and using QuickBooks. In this first blog I would like to address the Chart of Accounts. As every bookkeeper knows, how a business reports its income, expenses, and financial condition is dependent on the accounts included in the Chart of Accounts and how they are structured. QuickBooks will provide a default Chart of Accounts, and the user has some control when installing the software because he has to choose what type of business he will be using the software for. However,... read more

Tutoring is always fun when the student gets to make activity choices as we go along. I make tutoring fun by planning activities that strengthen the Reader and that makes them interested. Tutoring is fun with social praise and teacher input that motivates them. Tutoring sessions are fun when you know the student wants the end of session token reinforcement. Tutoring can be even more fun if you have some surprise end of session token reinforcement, like candy or small prizes that go with the holiday season or with the mastering of a certain goal at the end of a school year.

Many people, myself included, feel that for all its advantages, the internet has precipitated a steady decline in the quality of writing. Anyone can write anything anywhere, and while that gives a voice to many who otherwise might not have a public forum to share what they have to say, it also makes it difficult and sometimes impossible to uphold any sort of standards.   That said, the internet also offers plenty of resources for improving your writing. Here are a few of my favorites: Here you'll also find a thesaurus and several other reference tools. It may not be the Oxford English Dictionary, but it gives you plenty of good definitions and sometimes includes usage notes with practical implications for your writing, like differences in how similar words are typically used.   Difference Between Speaking of differences, this is a really cool site... read more

PSY 101 for Chess To Begin – The attempt to better understand Chess, the human mind, and the world at large is attained incrementally by the evolution of various theories. Trying on and testing out a given perspective in chess or psychology can be enlightening. By conducting our own experiments, we can see for ourselves if the understanding of our own mind or the great game of chess is enhanced by a particular vantage point. Fortunately, for us humans, it is our personal experience that will tell us if a theory of mind or approach to understanding chess is rewarding. When we find a perspective that seems to agree with our idiosyncratic selves and proves of value in our laboratory testing at clubs, skittles and tournaments, it should be further explored, developed and perhaps evolved. By example, in chess, a hypermodern approach opines that you need not occupy the center as paramount to winning the game. Instead, as Nimzowitsch maintained, indirect influence of the... read more

Update: This post is old and the link is out of date. Rather than read and follow this blog's instructions, I'd recommend you try to get started with C++. This post shows you how to get a good, free IDE for C++ and get started writing a program. To get your free IDE: 1. Go to this link: 2. Click the plus sign next to the tab which says Visual C++ 2010 Express. Then click install now. 3. A download should start, then if you are using Internet Explorer click run on the bottom of the screen (if you are using Chrome or Firefox then go to the downloads folder and double click the file named vc_web.exe). The installation should start. 4. Click next. Click I have read and accept the license terms, and click next. Then click install. (at this point, I stopped the installation because I already have the program so if there are any more screens... read more

Writing is a skill.  Just like with any other talents--being musical, athletic, artistic, some people are just better at writing than others.  That doesn't mean you can't develop writing skills.  It just takes more practice!   Many of my weak writers are excellent at math.  I create formulas for a thesis, topic sentence, and each paragraph.  If you can remember a formula, you can write an essay.  I encourage daily reading.  The more we read, the more vocabulary and sentence structure we are exposed to.  This works its way into the brain, and enables recall when it comes time to write.   I also encourage my students to write about what they read.  We do simple things like summarizing, list questions they may have, draw or describe the setting, predict what happens next, or even come up with an alternate title for the book.  All of these things help people to become better readers, and that makes us good writers... read more

There is no such thing as someone who doesn't get math. Instead, it is the teacher who "does not get how to teach math".   I have come across many very good teachers, and the thing that differentiates them from the less amazing ones is this: they do not have a single "tried and true" method. The teachers who do have this type of "tried and true" method always find problem students, and those students get discouraged. However, those students need to know it is not their fault.   When teaching Multivariable Calculus this past semester, which is infamous for failing engineering students at Cornell, my fellow teachers came from different backgrounds. The less experienced ones would always complain about their students "not getting it" and it was because the teachers themselves did not understand the material to a depth that they could explain the math in multiple ways to students.   In my experience, I have... read more

Tutoring is a two way street. Both sides of the party need to put in 110% of effort in order to see positive results.   A tutor needs to be enthusiastic about the subject. They need to be passionate about what they are teaching. Throughout my college career, I had a better experience and better results in classes where my professor was enthusiastic about the class. Adversely, teachers who don't show enthusiasm, do not connect with the students, and the students refuse to create that connection as well.    Another healthy tutoring tip is patience. Nobody likes a pushy tutor! Yes, be assertive, but being too pushy will annoy the student. Patience allows the student to digest the material and to create cognitive connections.   Positive encouragement is also a good way to make lessons fun. There are teachers who scare their students by giving them discouragement. When a teacher gives the student positive encouragement, the student feels good... read more

?Perhaps you are wondering, "What are all of these dys'?" Well allow me to enlighten you... they are Neurological differences in the brain that cause people to learn differently than the majority of people learn. Dyslexia is of course the most known of the 4 cousins, but they are all real. 1 in 5 people have dyslexia, 1 in 10 people have dysgraphia. All require people to learn differently than how traditional schools teach students to learn. All of these words are of Greek origin. Dys means badly. Lexia mean to write. Calculia is math and praxia are whole coordination systems. Dyslexia is a language based learning difference. Dyslexia refers to a cluster of symptoms, that result in people having difficulties with specific language skills, particularly reading. Students with dyslexia often experience difficulties with both oral and written other language skills, such as writing, and pronouncing words and writing. Dyslexia affects individuals throughout their... read more

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