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Structure is necessary, it keeps things organized but unplanned topics can also present great learning opportunities. If the student is excited about something, we talk about it! There are always chances to learn new vocabulary words and even hit up some practice with grammar. After all, conversation is just that, going with the flow and seeing where things go. Be spontaneous amidst the structure.    Another aspect that is helpful and fun is to center lessons around my students. It's their life and their experience they'll want to share, so we work around that.    Kids games are fun even for adults! It's okay to play "Ispy" (Yo veo) when we are learning colors or talking about specific vocabulary. We even play scrabble for those who really want a challenge. It's a wonderful opportunity to see how many words you already know and learn new ones when I play words you don't recognize. Jeopardy is also another great game I like to include. If... read more

To all the students who use the Answer section on this site, please refrain from asking inappropriate questions.  Seriously.  It is not as amusing as you believe it to be, and tutors who use the section do not find it amusing either.  It is also a very bad reflection of your maturity.  Your posts will be reported if you continue to do so.

Earned Value Analysis By Dr. Catherine According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, earned value analysis is an objective method to measure project performance in terms of the triple constraints of scope, time and cost. This measuring technique is an excellent tool in assessing the health and applying metrics to the management of your project. Project Example: A computer software project scheduled to take four-weeks is budgeted at $10,000. The project manager at the third week meeting determined that the team has only completed 50% of the project. According to the project schedule the team was supposed to have completed 75% of the project. The project manager noticed that $9,000 of the budget has been spent up to that date. What is the overall health of the project? Measuring Projects Health: Planned Value (PV) represents the budgeted cost of all the planned tasks. PV=Planned % Completed * Project Budget Earned... read more

My goal as a tutor is somewhat paradoxical: I want to lose my job. In the best possible way, of course: I help my students develop skills that make my services  unnecessary.  it doesn't matter how confused a student is when they come to me, I know that with some instruction, reinforcement and encouragement, any student can develop the study and self-advocacy skills necessary to do well in their classes, on their own. One of the most powerful study skills in their new arsenal is notes.   Notes have incredible power to not only help a student complete their homework, better understand the content, and remember their lessons.  Note taking skills can be built up in layers to address these goals.   Layer one: My notes help me do my homework because they are organized and thorough.   One thing my students struggle with is the misperception that their notes need to look exactly like their teachers' notes. This is particularly bewildering... read more

Even though I do not intend to be a public school teacher, I am taking Florida's certification exams so that I could get my temporary teacher's license.  Passionate tutors such as myself log many hours tutoring in their specialties.  We work with students of all capabilities, handicaps, aspirations, and needs.  We LIKE tutoring one-on-one or in small groups. What are my thoughts on this exam?  It was much easier than the SAT, ACT, or GRE.  I finished the 4 hour exam more than an hour early... and I had a cold when I took it.  The toughest part was the essay.  The exception is that the essay be approximately twice as long as the SAT essay.  More time is given; so it should be in "final" form, not a rough draft.  The reading and math sections had enough time so that I did not experience the typical time management stress most students experience on the SAT/ACT/GRE tests. My next three tests will be subject matter... read more

Below are the details of Albert's Cancellation Policy: All cancellations must be made in writing (through WyzAnt messaging) before 36 hours of the lesson start time. For cancellations under 36 hours from the start of your scheduled lesson, the following cancellation fees apply: • If you are cancelling for a reason other than illness or emergency, you will be charged the full cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the lesson.  • If you are sick, ill, or not feeling well, you are eligible to receive a discounted cancellation fee ($15-$20, up to 1/2 of the full lesson fee) if you choose to reschedule the lesson within 1 week (otherwise you will be charged the full cancellation fee equal to the full amount of the lesson). • If there is a holiday or special observance, you are eligible to receive a discounted cancellation fee ($15-$20, up to 1/2 of the full lesson fee) if you choose to reschedule the lesson within 1 week (otherwise you will be charged... read more

General - All sessions are billed in 5-minute increments. - All sessions will be charged beginning at the scheduled start time, unless I am late, in which case, the session time will begin when I arrive and charges will be assessed accordingly. - If a session goes past the scheduled end time, you will be charged until the session is complete, in 5 minute increments. If you need a session to end “on time,” simply let me know. - If I choose to end a session early, for example, because we covered all the necessary material--or any similar event--then I will charge you for only the actual duration of the session, in 5-minute increments. - If you choose to end a session early, for any reason, you will be charged for the full scheduled session. - Unless otherwise agreed, all sessions will be schedule for 2 hours. For more explanation, see my TutorFAQs. - Sometimes, it is necessary for me to have my 6-year-old daughter with me when I tutor. She is very well-behaved... read more

In my experience with elementary level students, I am constantly amazed by these kids imagination. However when it comes to math i find myself frustrated that their minds wander so much. Sometimes i want to just be like, "Super man and unicorns are not a part of math! pay attention!!!!" Reality is, that just doesn't help. I began trying to revamp my ways of teaching so that super man could join us in our lessons. I found that using examples that incorporate the child's imagination works wonders. They being to laugh and enjoy themselves when I am tutoring them and the best part is....THEY PAY ATTENTION! The fun examples also help them to remember math concepts when they go to take their tests. It is a win win for everyone. A basic example could be "superman already saved 4 people last week but this week he saved 5 more people from a burning building! So how many people has he saved?" We have taken a basic 4+5=9 math problem and made it fun for them. Sometimes... read more

What's Your Mindset? It May Shape Your Future! Successful students: "I go to tutoring and I practice a lot. I do many extra problems before each test. I am ultimately responsible for my own learning and success. I need to spend as much time as I need until I can work through all of the problems that will be on my test. The material is hard, but that means I need to dedicate more time and energy to learn it." Advanced: "My teacher doesn't teach well at all, but that's okay with me. I have my textbook and can check out additional books on the subject matter to study myself. I don't even need my teacher. Everything I need can be found in either the library or on the internet (,, etc.)." Unsuccessful students: "I go to tutoring, but I don't like to practice and work on additional problems, especially if I have to do them all by myself. I blame my teacher and tutor. They suck and demand too much from me. I... read more

Sometimes I work with students who perform well during our lessons, but who struggle when it comes to actually taking the test. It turns out the reason for this might be genetic.    When we experience stress, our prefrontal cortex is flooded with dopamine. Some of us are coded with a gene that slowly removes the dopamine, while others have a variant that rapidly removes it. The prefrontal cortex is critical for planning and decision-making, and it performs best when an optimal level of dopamine is maintained. Normally, on many cognitive tests, people with the slow variant of the gene perform better. But in stressful, high-stakes situations the opposite happens: those with the fast variant do better. Thus people with the slow variant have been dubbed Worriers, and those with the fast variant, Warriors.    However, being a Worrier does not mean you will inevitably be a victim of chronic underperformance in stressful situations. In one of the studies... read more

A square and an equilateral triangle of the same area are overlaid such that the midpoint of the bases of each coincide, and the bases lie on the same line. What exact proportion of the (interior of the) square is common to the (interior of the) triangle?   To solve, first drop a perpendicular from the apex of the triangle to its base, and use the 30-60-90 triangle proportions to obtain the triangle area, then side length, then height. (Designate the square as unit area). Next, write equations for one side of the triangle (using the coincident base midpoints as origin), and obtain the points of intersection of the triangle and square sides. Lastly, solve for the dimensions and areas of the top small triangle, and one of the side small triangles, which may then be subtracted from the unit triangle to obtain the overlap.    An outstanding mid-difficulty problem, which should convince students that just because they obtain some fractional powers of 3 (and... read more

Story of one of my SAT student Wow! Student’s score bumped up by 90 points in 5 weeks tutoring only! I got very excited and thrilled when I saw one of my SAT students’ score got improved by 90 points only after 5 weeks of tutoring. That student’s score had been fluctuating between 1100 and 1130. Its parents requested me to tutor the student for the  SAT test. We had only 5 weeks  left for the test. I tutored the student three times a week.  I also assigned homework to the student for the days when we did not have sessions. In the final week of tutoring, we covered test taking strategies and how to handle test anxiety. All of the effort and hard work got paid off when the student’s score got improved by 90 points!

In mathematics, word problems have been known to pose challenges for elementary school students, middle school students and even some high school students. In addition, a vast majority of students also have difficulties with solving problems with fractions. If we mix a word problem with a problem with fractions, then we end up getting an even tougher problem to solve. How can we expect those students who have not yet mastered language to make meaning of word problems? Let's dive right into a math word problem which will illustrate this.    Problem: Tashira has a piece of lace material that is 3/5 yard long. She used 2/3 of the material to make a quilt. How much did she use to make the quilt?   When a student reads this problem one of the questions she/he may ask is, "Where do I start?" The student may have difficulty with translating the word problem into its mathematical representation. The next difficulty is that if the student decides... read more

I was just contact by someone in a city near me (25 miles) who would like just some phone conversation/tutoring for her French exchange student.  I told her that I would adjust the rate($15/hour) since all she is asking for is some pick-me up conversation in her native tongue, and a little help learning the American English. Would anyone else have some ideas for me about rate for phone conversational English/French? 

Description The introductory paragraph of a paper or writing should capture the reader’s attention and engage their mind. You should always approach your papers expecting a reluctant or busy reader. Your job is to relate to them, give them useful information, and intrigue them to capture their interest. The first sentence of an introduction can be thought of as “the hook:” The sentence that grabs the mind of your reader. Approach Ask yourself: Who is reading this paper (your audience)? Is my reader sympathetic or opposed to my view? What personal experiences or interests will my reader have? How can I relate to the topics or things that my reader would care about? What was the most interesting or unexpected fact that I learned? Tone of Paper The tone of your paper should determine the hook sentence that you use For creative writing, you have more flexibility For informative writings, the tone may limit the options you have   Devices Creative... read more

I specialize in teaching essay structure and style. When I began tutoring, I had a vague idea that I'd work with college students like the friends for whom I'd proofread during university: young Americans who've grown up in a public school system which emphasized group work over individual learning, and who therefore never got a chance to develop their writing skills. I've certainly worked with students from a background very much like this. However, I've also had the pleasure of building a strong ESL clientele. At this point, I've spent enough time with ESL students to have made some observations about the nature of ESL learning and the way it is discussed. I'm certainly no expert, but by now I am a reliable dilettante. I speak with the authority of firsthand experience. From that vantage, I'd like to address one mistake which is frequently made in conversations about ESL learning. It is a very serious mistake and I have to believe that it muddles teachers' thinking considerably... read more

Students who do NOT commit to a lesson on a weekly basis: Do not have as much of (or any!) grade improvement due to the fact that they are not held responsible for completed any assigned homework on a regular basis (and because of the consequences detailed below) Will not get the benefit of having the psychological commitment of keeping their homework, test scores, and grades up since they won't be checked on a weekly/daily basis. Will not have their performance in their class be tracked/monitored as closely since they are meeting with the tutoring on a non-regular basis Will not receive as personalized of lessons since the tutor is unable to follow their class schedule on a weekly basis.  Will not receive as quality of lessons (of course) since the tutor is unable to follow their class schedule on a weekly basis and unable to prepare as much beforehand Do not have a guaranteed spot every week and before important... read more

I believe that tutoring helps students to create an interest in their learning. I build up self-confidence by motivating students to learn the concepts in which they have difficulty. Tutoring means a lot to me. When I am not teaching at school, I still help students to make them successful. It gives me a satisfaction that I achieve my goal through helping students in my free time too. I make the learning fun and easy for the students by inspiring them with a lot of praises and positive comments. I always look for positives in them. The relationship that I create with students during tutoring brings a positive impact in their personality. I make them involve in learning through questioning and personal connections. I feel so proud when I see a smile on students' face giving me the message that they understood the concept.

Everyone on Wyzant wants to teach. All have something important to offer. I believe I have something that is unique. Instead of just presenting material, which we all do, I not only present the lessons that build skills I've added something. That something is the step by step process, that is in print, and is 85% visuals and 15% copy. My students can then go back to an Illustrator or InDesign lesson at any time and review every topic covered during the lesson. We all know that copy heavy textbooks are problematic, videos are just next to impossible to follow, and audio only, well you see my point.            I have just published a book on how to create a digital color wheel  This book was created because -- Graphic designers and design educators face many common challenges in their professions. First, althoughit is not normal for any working professional in the field of graphic design, advertising, fashion,... read more

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