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Math Student's Civil Rights   I have the right to learn Math (Math is learnable like other subjects) I have a right to make mistakes, erase then, and try again (Failure points to what I have not learned yet) I have the right to ask for help (asking for help is a great decision) I have the right to ask questions when I don't understand (understanding is the primary goal) I have the right to ask questions until I understand (perseverance is priceless) I have the right to receive help and not feel stupid for receiving it (asking for help is natural) I have the right to not like some math concepts or disciplines (i.e. trigonometry, statistics, differential equations, etc.) I have the right to define success as learning no matter how I feel about Math or supporters I have the right to reduce negative self-talk & feelings I have the right to be treated as a person capable of learning I have the right to assess a helper's ability to... read more

My newest Venture in the Educational world, is becoming a Substitute Teacher.  Now I will be able to not only Tutor, but I will be able to take-over a class, when the regular teacher is absent.  I am so excited about this newest venture in my life, as well as still Tutoring with WYZANT's clients.     I have learned a bit of wisdom; from my own Parents, to my very wise Grandparents, etc.  Although, these great people are no longer with us anymore, the wisdom I gained while they were on this Earth, surpasses a lot of the knowledge used in today's society.   Technical gains are very prominent in our World today.  However, this can only go so far, and that's when we must look back to the wisdom of our forefathers.  I am excited about the strides we have made as a Country.   On the same note,  I feel there is a whole lot more work that has to be done; if we are to be most competitive, and... read more

A few summers ago I wrote a blog post about finding math in unexpected places as a way to keep skills sharp through the summer break. One of the unexpected places I talked about was the world of tabletop Role-Playing Games (RPGs) such as Dungeons & Dragons. Such games are essentially communal storytelling exercises which use chance elements to help guide the story via a set of polyhedral dice. I've been running a D&D game for a group of friends for several months now, serving as “Game Master.” As Game Master I serve as lead storyteller for the group, while the others each create a character to experience the story firsthand. My job is to create the framework for the story. I devise and flesh out the world that the story takes place in, present challenges for the players to overcome, and rationalize the effect their actions have upon the world. Overall, my goal is to create circumstances that will allow the players to be heroes. Today I'd like to delve a little deeper... read more

Well, okay, it's not incorrect, but it's flawed and by a mathematician's standards: morally wrong.   I'm sure at one point you boringly learned the order of operations. These are the set of rules that tell you whether you should do multiplication before division or addition before subtraction to get the correct answer on your math problem.  1) Parentheses (brackets) 2) Exponents x^x 3) Multiplication 2*2 4) Division 2/2 5) Addition 2+2 6) Subtraction 2-2 7) Get the right answer :)   Except, you don't always get the right answer.   For example: 8-2+1. Is it 5 because 8-3=5? Or is it 7 because 6+1=7?   Is 6/3/3 equal to 2/3 or 6/1?   The issue here is that focusing on the order of operations can lead to ambiguity and obscures the real beauty of mathematics.   A mathematician will tell you that 8-2+1 is actually 8+(-2)+1, which is unambiguously equal to... read more

Hello, Chloe!   Here is a copy of the outline that we worked on over Skype.  While you aren't required to work on it over the weekend, please keep in mind what we discussed for next time!   Have a great weekend!   ~~~~~~~Outline~~~~~~~~~~~~   Question that you’re answering: Use three specific quotes to discuss one of the following themes, symbols, or motifs: night (time), fire, silence vs. voice, bearing witness, father-son bonds, loss of faith, and inhumanity towards other humans.     What is your topic/what are you writing about?: Night (time) Thesis/Argument/Position on topic: In the book Night by Eli Wiesel, night-time is used as symbol to represent darker times in your mind. Quotes/Textual evidence to support thesis: “Night. No one prayed, so that the night would pass quickly. The stars were only sparks of the fire which devoured us. Should... read more

These days I'm having so much fun living the dream!  While doing phone interpretations today in Spanish/English and allowing my latest intern Alaina to shadow me (a whole new way to look at tutoring), she asked:  "When we're listening to the clients, I still don't always know what they're saying?  When did you finally start just getting it when you were interpreting?"   I shared with her, smiling, that my first in person interpretation was ROUGH.  But to answer her question more directly, from my 20 years experience vantage point, I couldn't remember exactly HOW I finally got over the hump.    As I thought back, I could remember that it has a lot to do with smiling, laughing, being personable, and LOVING THE PEOPLE AND CULTURE you are interpreting.  I also recommend finding a close friend (and perhaps even better boyfriend/girlfriend) to get to know up close in your target language.    The most important... read more

Many of my students come to me needing to learn, or at least review, on how to handle operations involving fractions. I have found that the mere appearance of a fraction in a problem can invoke anxiety in some students. My goal for this post, and any that follow relating to this topic, is to not only teach you how to work with fractions, but to also help you gain confidence.   First, we will start by looking at the parts of the fraction. The number before the slash is the numerator, and the number after the slash is the denominator. In this case, the numerator is 1, and the denominator is 2. 1/2 To work with fractions it is also necessary to understand equivalent fractions, which are different fractions that represent the same number. You might be wondering how this can be true, so I will do my best to explain it. Since one half is the most easily understood and recognized of the fractions, I will use it in my example. Say you want to divide... read more

  Below are schools that Albert has tutored or is currently tutoring students from: High Schools Heritage High School (Brentwood, CA)* Liberty High School (Brentwood, CA)* Freedom High School (Oakley, CA)* Deer Valley High School (Antioch, CA)* Antioch High School (Antioch, CA)* Dozier-Libbey Medical High School (Antioch, CA) - Private High School* Clayton Valley High School (Concord, CA)* De La Salle High School (Concord, CA) - Private High School* Carondelet High School (Concord, CA) - Private High School* Orinda Academy (Orinda, CA) - Private High School* Northgate High School (Walnut Creek, CA)* Dougherty Valley High School (San Ramon, CA)* Foothill High School (Pleasanton, CA)* Amador Valley High School (Pleasanton, CA)* Monte Vista High School (Danville, CA)* Mission San Jose High School (Fremont, CA) Dublin High School (Dublin, CA) The Quarry Lane School (Dublin, CA) - Private Preparatory School (Top... read more

In my experience with elementary level students, I am constantly amazed by these kids imagination. However when it comes to math i find myself frustrated that their minds wander so much. Sometimes i want to just be like, "Super man and unicorns are not a part of math! pay attention!!!!" Reality is, that just doesn't help. I began trying to revamp my ways of teaching so that super man could join us in our lessons. I found that using examples that incorporate the child's imagination works wonders. They being to laugh and enjoy themselves when I am tutoring them and the best part is....THEY PAY ATTENTION! The fun examples also help them to remember math concepts when they go to take their tests. It is a win win for everyone. A basic example could be "superman already saved 4 people last week but this week he saved 5 more people from a burning building! So how many people has he saved?" We have taken a basic 4+5=9 math problem and made it fun for them. Sometimes... read more

Dear Wyzant tutors,   Have you had any issues with the people whom you tutor after they have been reminded via. the WyzAnt website reminder email and they don't show up? What have you done about it? Sure, some have told me to charge them, but you'd rather tutor them, instead. In my particular situation, I have had 2 people who have been reminded 24 hours in advance of our tutoring session. Then, something comes up, or they forget. Do you folks think we should have 2 reminders be given, such as 24 hours in advance and maybe 6 or 8 hours in advance?   Take care, and be well!     Sincerely,   Steve

My name is Raluca, I've been tutoring and teaching for nearly 15 years. I've helped individuals from all age ranges learn Italian, German and Romanian and worked to compliment language classes at primary and secondary schools with supplementary lessons. I have also worked with those for who need to gain proficiency in English as a second language. I have a degree in linguistics and currently work as an interpreter for hospitals, law enforcement and private businesses. I really have a passion for languages and love working with new students to accomplish their goals. No matter your age, learning a new language is something that will give you a window into another culture and way of thinking. Learning a second or a third language has been shown to increase potential in the lives of children the summer is a great time to start children on this path. Learning later in life is important as well and has a proven track record of helping to stave off Alzheimer's and Dementia. I... read more

In mathematics, word problems have been known to pose challenges for elementary school students, middle school students and even some high school students. In addition, a vast majority of students also have difficulties with solving problems with fractions. If we mix a word problem with a problem with fractions, then we end up getting an even tougher problem to solve. How can we expect those students who have not yet mastered language to make meaning of word problems? Let's dive right into a math word problem which will illustrate this.    Problem: Tashira has a piece of lace material that is 3/5 yard long. She used 2/3 of the material to make a quilt. How much did she use to make the quilt?   When a student reads this problem one of the questions she/he may ask is, "Where do I start?" The student may have difficulty with translating the word problem into its mathematical representation. The next difficulty is that if the student decides... read more

I specialize in teaching essay structure and style. When I began tutoring, I had a vague idea that I'd work with college students like the friends for whom I'd proofread during university: young Americans who've grown up in a public school system which emphasized group work over individual learning, and who therefore never got a chance to develop their writing skills. I've certainly worked with students from a background very much like this. However, I've also had the pleasure of building a strong ESL clientele. At this point, I've spent enough time with ESL students to have made some observations about the nature of ESL learning and the way it is discussed. I'm certainly no expert, but by now I am a reliable dilettante. I speak with the authority of firsthand experience. From that vantage, I'd like to address one mistake which is frequently made in conversations about ESL learning. It is a very serious mistake and I have to believe that it muddles teachers' thinking considerably... read more

Tutoring Rates At my sole discretion, I may elect to modify my standard, posted rates based on factors such as subject, class structure, online vs in-person, group rates, etc. I may elect to offer specials and promotions. These may be targeted or general. Most are limited time offers and may be changed without notice at any time.  My standard, base rate may be increased at any time. Students who have tutored with me within the last 3 months will continue to keep their original rates. Those who contact me again after 3 months will have their rates increased accordingly. Travel fees may be assessed for students seeking tutoring outside a specified radius of the tutor's location and/or depending on the availability of the tutor. The current travel fee is assessed by adding the driving time to and from the student's location and the Barnes and Nobles in Antioch (5709 Lone Tree Way, Antioch, CA 94531) applying the student's tutoring rate. There is a non-refundable... read more

Steps to Developing Effective Study Skills Step 1: Assessing Your Learning Style Step 2: Knowing Your Interests Step 3: Developing Appropriate Tools to Enhance Studying Step 4: Making the Subject Work for You (even if you hate it or don’t get it) Step 5: Constructing a Learning-Style-Friendly Environment Step 6: Other Considerations in Developing Effective Study Skills When we sit down to study, most of us follow a routine. We get our books together, get comfy (at a desk, on the bed, sitting on the floor, etc.), and set to work. Some of us turn on the TV or some music; others of us make our environment as quiet as it can be. What we do to study varies, but generally we reread our notes, textbooks, or study guides, and call it a day. The day of the test, we struggle to recall what we studied. Afterwards, we admonish ourselves for not studying hard enough or long enough, and doubt our performance. Does this sound familiar? It doesn’t need to be this way. Effective... read more

Electronic Device Policy (for Students) In session, the student is allowed to use electronic devices including laptops, tablets, and cell phones for educational purposes only. All non-educational use of electronic devices during session is PROHIBITED.  Students are NOT allowed to use electronic devices to: check social media sites; check their email; check their text messages; open non-educational apps and programs; or browse or access non-educational websites, images, etc..  Students may be asked to use electronic devices for educational purposes during the session. For example, the student may be asked to do one of the following: Take picture(s) of notes and problems done during session Use their phone to access pictures of assignments, handouts, and other materials taken during class Use their electronic device to search for relevant figures, graphs, images, etc. Use their electronic device to take notes of information covered in session'... read more

  For the 8th consecutive year, all the students whom I tutored for the New York State Common Core examinations, have passed.  All have been promoted to the next grade, and or graduated.  Some of the students have received Academic Awards from their schools.  Tutoring takes much diligence, patience and determination.  There may be good and bad days, depending on how the students feel, but we did it.  I could not have done it without the parents, who are committed to their children's success.  I am very delighted.

We did it!  With hard work, determination, my high school students passed their regents exams.  I tutored US and Global History, Living Environment, Earth Science, Algebra Core, Algebra 2/Trigonometry, Geometry and Chemistry and the students passed.  One student passed with a 70%, another 75%, 76% and another 79%.  All the other students scored 80% and up.    I am so proud of my students.  Well done students and parents, we did it!

One of my students at a language school where I teach asked me why teachers repeatedly urged students to work on their pronunciation. She said that she and other students were always going to have an accent, so why was it so important? The answer is a simple one. It's not about losing the accent, it's about being understood. An accent is OK, as long as it doesn't detract from understanding. Unless you learn to pronounce English words correctly, and practice doing so, you run a high risk of...not being understood, even though you may be using the correct word. So, work on pronunciation, it makes all the difference.

I just tutored my very first Online tutoring session.   No, please don't get me wrong.  I've done plenty of tutoring!   I've tutored 14 and 16 hour-days straight helping students prepare for their final exams, and I've gained, in my best reasonable approximation, well over 10,000 hours of experience tutoring.  Because I used to do it full time!  And now I am again. Part-time full-time.  :)   However, I had never wanted to leap that big hurdle of creating my own platform or set-up to do online tutoring!  it just felt like so much to trouble-shoot and research, and... frankly, as a working mother with 3 children and volunteer positions, it just had never felt like the direction to be putting my time!   Maybe it would have been worth it in the end.  I don't know.   But I am so happy!!  Because WyzAnt now offers a great online tutoring platform.  (Plus, they do the majority of my marketing... read more

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