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CANCELLATION POLICY Please provide me at least 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment. If you miss an appointment, or provide less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged for the scheduled time at the full rate. My time is very valuable, not to mention it is simply bad manners to not respect another person's time. Of course, emergencies do occur, and they will be considered on a case by case basis, as long as it is not a recurring habit. LATE POLICY Please contact me via my cell phone if you expect to be late to an appointment. I will give a 30 minute window in which there will be no fee charged. If you need to be later than 30 minutes and still want a lesson at the appointed time, you must agree to cover my wait time (minus the 30 minute 'no fee window' mentioned above), plus the actual tutoring time.

Getting children to be interested in learning can be really difficult so there are a few ways that I like to make it more interesting so that tutoring can be more than just work. One of the first things I like to do (mostly for younger children) is the high five. Young children love to be encouraged and a high five is positive reinforcement that really makes young children smile. Another way is to encourage children to "help me" find the answer to the problem rather than to make them just listen. This is especially effective with math problems because it emphasizes the process of going through the steps to get the answer. Playing games is also a great way to encourage students to learn, especially since kids will look forward to getting to the games. The best part of the games is that they are also learning games that reinforce learning while having fun. A really effective way to make learning more fun is to use everyday items to encourage understanding for kids. This can... read more

One reason why mathematics seems to be a monster to be feared by many people seems to be the perception that there is only one way to solve a given problem developed by a nameless, faceless genius mathematician and in order to get the correct answer, you must memorize and use the appropriate magical equation.  I blame the teachers and professors of the early-on math courses.   The truth is that there are always more than one way to solve a math problem.  It's only a matter of finding the method which you feel most comfortable with, the one you understand the most.  As long as you realize that there are many ways to solve a mathematics problem, and you can find that method for each problem you find the easiest, you will do well in anything mathematical.

No matter what subject a student is tutoring in it can always be fun. 1. I have found with younger kids if you do hands on examples, not only is it fun but they learn much more and gain a better understanding. 2.Another way I try and make lessons fun is by incorporating real life. I might ask the student what their favorite sport is. Ex: Football Question: If Martin scored 21 points in the football game then how many touchdowns did he make? This gives the student a topic that they are interested in and will be more than willing to cooperate. 3.Another trick is rewards. Everyone loves incentives but to kids a sticker is like earning a gold medal. Offering stickers for the correct answer always works. 4. Sometimes students get distracted or don't like the example. Change it up! You can start with an example about cookies and the student might see your drawing and think it resembles something an alien. Go with it! Listening to them makes them feel... read more

So you're an expert in your subject. You put in the time. You know the material like the back of your hand. But there's a big difference between knowing it and teaching it. A fun lesson engages your students, helping them learn the material faster and with better retention. Make sure your students get the most out of your lessons by following these 5 tips. 1) Start Off With Something Light At the beginning of the lesson, your students aren't ready to learn just yet. They're still thinking about their day - soccer practice, what they're going to make for dinner, the presentation due on Thursday.   Get your students warmed up and primed for learning with something light. In my English lessons, we might start with a vocabulary game or some pronunciation practice like a tongue twister. It doesn't have to be related to the target subject, but it should engage their brain enough to snap them out of their head a bit and get focused. 2)... read more

I believe that the student is already smart! and filled with wits, my role is to make those wits turn into successes! by using the students own creativity. The very dynamics that motivates them to stay interested in their studies! My tutoring lessons are filled with live role plays and rehearsing of the materials. Most importantly, the students pace creates the atmosphere of confidence! which produces positive results. 

A polynomial is an expression of the form AnX^n + An-1X^(n-1) + An-2X^(n-2) + ..... + A1X + Ao. Examples are 4x^2 + -3x + 7 and -5x^3 + x^2 - 2x. Let's suppose that a polynomial when divided by x-19 has remainder 99 and the same polynomial when divided by x-99 has remainder 19. What is the remainder when that polynomial is divided by (x-19)(x-99)? Let P(x) be the polynomial. Then we are given that P(x)/(x-19) = Q(x) + 99/(x-19) and P(x)/(x-99) = R(x) + 19/(x-99) where Q(x) and R(x) are polynomials. If we subtract the left and right sides of equation 2 from the left and right sides of equation 1 we see that P(x)/(x-19) - P(x)/(x-99) = Q(x) - R(x) + 99/(x-19) - 19/(x-99). The left side simplifies to [P(x)(x-99) - P(x)(x-19)]/(x-19)(x-99) = (xP(x) - 99P(x) - xP(x) + 19P(x))/(x-19)(x-99) = -80P(x)/(x-19)(x-99). The right side simplifies to Q(x) - R(x) + [99(x-99) - 19(x-19)]/(x-19)(x-99) = Q(x) - R(x) + (99x - 99^2 - 19x + 19^2)/(x-19)(x-99)... read more

My sessions are fun because it is hands on. I also have deaf friends that I can introduce you to when the lesson is over. I love to laugh and I will make this lesson laid back but I also have high expectations. I am also creative and if the student struggles than I use a more visual approach. I also send videos to the email and/or phone. I give fun and easy homework to make sure signs stick in the head.

Music- use modern music made into trumpet sheet music Music - let them wright there own song Soccer - play pool with soccer balls Soccer/music- let the student be the teacher for a little while and show that they are understanding and can repeat the teachings Soccer/music - do as I make my students do. 

Learning German can be fun and does not have to be difficult. With an easy vocabular you can have fun going to the Octoberfest or getting around any town. Depending if you are left or right brain oriented I personally like to custom tylor each class to my clients. Everyone has different strength or weaknesses and it is to the teacher to find out each of those and give the client the very best experience in learning fast any language.

Students have a wonderful opportunity to show admissions officers who they really are, by using the college essay to stand out from the crowd. In my experience, if you find a topic that you care about, and you write an essay that speaks from your heart, you will have a successful application experience. Admissions officers have to read dozens of applications per day in the 'busy season'. If you give an application reader a chance to pause, laugh out loud or wonder about the end of the story, and really recognize you as an individual, whether using humor, philosophy, creative writing about a memory or a fictionalized experience, or a profound lesson learned, you will hit a home run!   I am happy to help you get started, and then to edit your results. I do not write essays for students, but I do help you present yourself in the best light possible, and to give you opportunities that you may not find on your own.  Contact me for 3-session essay writing package... read more

Since I teacher a variety of subjects, my tips vary depending on the content.   For tutoring in a foreign language, it really helps to do vocabulary while reading. It's a much better way for the student to remember and make connections with words.   For tutoring in writing, try to choose a topic that is of interest to the student. This will help by eliminating background knowledge gaps and then you can focus on the writing process.   For tutoring in US History, I like to use videos to help make the history come alive. It's easier to remember when you see it.   For tutoring in grammar, (this might be nerdy) but I like to explain WHY the rules are the way they are. I think it adds a new level of thinking to it that can make it quite engaging.    And finally, listen to your student. Focus on their needs. If they are getting tutored for fun, be creative. If there is a goal, reassess often to see how close they are to...

Here is information on what I do, how I bill, and what I need from you. Feel free to read the entire blog, or just skim the bold headings until you see the type of proofreading you need. I look forward to working with you! For $5 per unit, I will do the following: Proofread your paper for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. ($5 per 1200 words)  Provide notes explaining the changes I suggest. Make these changes (tentatively) in your paper and mark them in red print. I am: Certified in Teaching English as a Second Language Experienced in proofreading college-level academic writing, having done so as an employee of a nearby college and as a professional tutor Ethical and attentive to detail How it works: Message me and let me know what you are looking for in a proofreader. See the “extras” below for more options, and let me know if you need a service that is not listed. Charges: o $5 per 1200 words for basic... read more

Hello NCLEXers,   Pharmacology is of vital important for the NCLEX.  I have seen student exams contain anywhere up to 20% of the entire NCLEX being solely pharmacology.  You need to need to need to add this into the mix when you study for the exam.  I provide an excellent Pharmacology overview that is easy to understand and does not make you learn anything that would not help you on the actual exam.    So much of the information other programs have you memorize will not help you pass this exam.  It is superfluous information that may be useful in the real world, but in the short term what is your goal?  To pass this thing and get you license.  If you have questions reach out to me at on my WyzAnt site.   Best of luck,   Michael, MSN RN

Hello NCLEX Takers, I am tutor here on WyzAnt that specializes in NCLEX prep work.  It is my passion and absolute focus.  My students fair very well after working with me and my system of addressing this exam.  If you are looking for some answers about how to address the exam and prepare please read through this e-mail and reach out to me at my personal site at   Here are some questions to help me address your needs: 1) How many times have you taken the NCLEX? 2) What nursing school did you go to? 3) How many questions have you gotten on your exam or exams? 4) Do you have an idea of when you would like to take the NCLEX? 5) Where I believe you to be at in your ability to take the NCLEX? I make this decision based on chat a bit and I get a sense for where your strengths and weaknesses are. Different people have different time requirements needed to prepare accordingly. I have... read more

hello students! my name is Ashley and I love the trumpet and soccer. my life was always busy because I couldn't just pick one. I would like to share with you guys what I will be teaching you. Just to let you know I like to have fun while teaching. though our sessions will be structured I will always be trying to find new things for us to do. I will also be doing it with you. I will not try to make you do something that I cant do to. I find this method to be very affective in creating a friendly bond, and trust.   While I am tutoring you in soccer we will start off with finding out how much you know. once I have an idea of your level we will get started. I like to test your foot, and see how well you kick, and your own personal stance and foot work. then we would move into ball control. Yes we will run. But when we start I will only make it short distance and longer at each session. we will go over each position and see how well you play in each one of them. see ware... read more

Last week, S. and I visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Among the exhibitions, she became intruiged by a large collection of silverpoint drawings covering a broad span of history. S. expressed a great interest to learn the technique. Online, I ordered some small birch panels, silverpoint ground (an acrylic gesso) and a holder and found the right kind of silver (.999 pure) locally at a jeweler supply shop. First, we applied a layer of ground to already-gessoed heavy paper for S. to use as a test sheet. Then we worked to prime the 9" x 12" birch panels. They required seven thin coats of ground (at least!) to cover properly. Next time, we will use undercoating layers of regular gesso or acrylic paint, as the silverpoint ground is expensive. I showed her how to sharpen the silver nibs on water-proof sandpaper: one like a pencil point, the other an angle (bevel). I showed S. how to tint the final two layers of ground with watercolor to achieve... read more

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