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Well, being that I am fresh out of High School and currently in college, I know what students need to learn. Firstly and secondly, They need a fun environment that still offers an instructor who knows the boundary between fun and work. Thirdly, I will offer fun alternatives to the standard teaching ways. Also, students must be praised for their hard work. Lastly, I will make sure the parents know to reward their kids for everything they have accomplished.

Hello students or parent's of students! I have recently graduated from Hancock High School with an emphasis on liberal arts and history. I am currently enrolled in college for a drafting degree and plan on earning a double major in writing and English. I know an exceptional amount about how students like to learn and have watched my teachers closely and talked with them about their teaching styles. I am eager to meet you or your students and help them in any way I can.

Hi everyone!   Thank you for your interest in my tutoring services. I would love to help you out with your educational goals! However, I am currently unavailable until September 16th. I would love to schedule a session with you for after that date if you'd like! Sorry for any delay in responding in the meantime. I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!   Thanks! Nikita

first i would like to define what does it mean by fun.   Well, to me fun means a student is engaged and that is not easy.   Definition of engaging a student of course is different for different age of students.    To me, i have been dealing with people long enough.   Being willing and able to listen to student and understand their struggle is probably the most important, while is also the most difficult.  once i understand their struggle in learning, then finding solution is probably not that difficult.      if i have to give some actual experimental tip,  i would think some word game probably be helpful.    Many times, learning comes down to the definition of words, which could lead to deep understanding of the subject or complete confusion of the subject.   Language, with its building block, words are  still the key.  

I read a blog that less expensive tutors are not as good as high priced tutors.  Then the blogger stated that for a tutor to be acceptable they must have a Master's or higher degree in the subject they intend to tutor.  They compared a 'good' tutor as one that is high priced and who would shop in Saks 5th Ave to a 'novice' tutor who is a low cost person who shops at Wal-Mart.  I hope that I am not the only person who was offended by this blog.  What makes a person better if they prefer to pay a dollar for a pencil at an exclusive store that costs 5 cents at a store anyone can afford to shop at.  Such people seem to look down on anyone who has to carefully budget how they spend their earnings.   First, the price a person charges for tutoring has nothing to do with how good they may be as a tutor.  It is dependent on where they live and why they are tutoring in the first place.  A person living in a rural setting in the South simply does not have... read more

I call myself semi-retired, because I don't work in classrooms anymore. But maybe I should just retire: kids' attitudes today have me slightly baffled. I recently began working with a new high school student who had a summer reading requirement, a modern play, before his AP English class started. To aid him, so I thought, I researched and found (and printed out for him) a secondary reference article, giving some historical background on the play's topic. When I returned and asked him if he'd read it, he confessed that he hadn't. "Well," I said, "go get the article and we can discuss it together." He came back a moment later, somewhat sheepish: "I don't know where it is. You see, in school, we're never given anything on paper, so I don't really know how to keep track of papers. We are always given PDFs." I'm afraid my mouth dropped open a little-- no paper? You don't know what to do with a paper if I hand one to you? He explained, if you would just send... read more

solve 81-(2^-2)   Explanation 1: 81 is the same as saying 34 writing out the whole problem again, replacing 81 with 34 you get 34(2^-2) (2^-2) is the same as saying 1/2^2=1/4 3-4*1/4 = 3^-4/4 =  3^-1 = 1/3   Explanation 2: 81 is simplified to a smaller number and is the same as saying 3^4. So our equation now looks like this: 3^-4(2^-2). The 2^-2 is the same as saying 1/2^2 which is the same as saying 1/4. So now we have 3^-4/4, which equals 3^-1. The 3^-1 is the same as saying 1/3. The answer is 1/3.  

I offer every student and/or every parent to rate my lessons. As a result, quality of my lessons is not that hard to guess. I offer the most respectful attitude to my clients. The result of that attitude is a very positive feedback. I like to tutor people of any age. The result of that is a wide range of student from various communities. I love to explain and converse with my clients instead of telling them what to do. The result is they want me back. I do not like procrastinators. The result is there is no blame game.

Hi: My favorite on-line site is Rong-Chang The site is updated on a regular basis and has reading, writing and listening exercises. The CLOZE exercises are computer interactive and you can check and see your score. There are word lists to go with the stories, cross-word puzzles, quizzes and are listed in levels from beginner to advanced. He also posts videos from BBC TV and you can get the latest updates on sports and news. The teacher tutor is interactive if you have a speaker or headset on your computer. The best news is that it is all free. Recommendations are 15 mins each day to help you learn the language. Enjoy! Courtney Webb 

Tutoring / teaching doesn't have to be boring.  A good teacher / tutor, is one who can make a lesson feel like it is not a lesson, but, it is, a lesson.  Deep.  Here are my five "outside" the box tips that help make learning fun.   1. Personalize the lesson for each student. 2. Within the lesson, incorporate what the student likes and is interested in. 3. Humor.  Got to have humor.  4. Lessons should be "outside" the box style of lessons.  Not just blah, blah, blah lessons. 5. Creativity, imagination, and most of all, different.  Basically the same as tip #4. * 4 and 5 are similar, does this still count as 5?  Please?   Learning takes place anywhere. Who said you can't have fun learning?  I sure do...    

Hi all!   If you're reading this then you probably just got the same nasty surprise as I did earlier this month.  The ACT is changing the writing prompt starting in September, and students need to shift gears, A.S.A.P.!    What changed?   Let's start with timing. Students now get 40 minutes for the Writing Test.  They'll need the extra ten minutes, because the prompt, writing task, and planning stages have all been expanded.    remember the old prompt?  Sure, you've been teaching it up until a few hours, days, or maybe weeks ago.  It included 4-5 sentences on a subject having to do with education and schooling, subjects at the forefront of high school students' minds.  The first sentence introduced a problem faced by students or schools.  The second and third sentences introduced two sides of an argument, pro- and con-, and an argument supporting each side.  Finally, the prompt ended with a... read more

Question: Choose three numbers out of the four: 6, -3, -5, -9, and multiply them. Call the product P. Let a and b be the greatest and least possible values of P, respectively. What is the value of a-b?   The directions indicate A and B be the greatest and possible values of P.   P is the product of the three numbers out of the four after multiplying them.   So here we have 6, -3, -5, -9.   So we have these possible combination of P.   6*-3*-5 = 90 (2 negatives equals positive) 6*-3*-9 = 162 6*-5*-9 = 270 -3*-5*-9=-135 (3 negatives equals negative)     Of these combination, A is the greatest value of P, so 270 from 6*-5*-9.   Finding B is similar to finding A, only that B is the LEAST possible value of P.   So from the possible combination of P. B is LEAST, meaning that you want the smallest value, -135 (being negative) is the least possible value... read more

One of the best ways to retain your new language skills is by finding ways to use the language in your own life, geared towards your own interests.  Let me know what your interests are, and I will make some suggestions on how to incorporate your interest and Spanish practice at the same time!  For example, if you like to cook, search for authentic recipes in Spanish. Search or cultural events in your community -- you might be surprised to find theater, movies, festivals, story times, and more! 

College application essays are one of my favorite assignments to work on with students. They are a chance for me to get to know my students better as we brainstorm topics for their personal essays. I get to hear about childhood memories, unique family traditions, and uncommon hobbies. I love helping students find their voice and tell their unique stories to colleges. My students do not share my enthusiasm for application essays. They feel immense pressure to produce their best pieces of writing to impress colleges. They have also probably heard vague tidbits of advice on how to accomplish this: stand out, don’t be cliché, and be interesting. It’s no wonder that a lot of students have trouble finding a place to start. Here are a few tips to make college application essays less scary: 1. Reading other essays: Read other well-written college application essays. Many colleges release strong application essays from previous years. Reading an array of these essays... read more

Most questions refer back to the text by line number. They’ll say, “David Wright’s comments in Lines 8-12 (“They wanted... baseball) suggest that the reason the Mets picked him was… While lines 8-12 most likely contain the answer, it’s important that we consider the lines in context. A good rule of thumb is to search for the answer not only in the lines they tell you, but also in the previous two lines, as well as the following two lines. So you should primarily check 8-12, but also be aware the answer could be in 6-7 or 13-15. The College Board especially loves to put the answer before the lines they tell you. Since we’ve learned to read to the right and downwards, the best place to hide an answer would be above the lines they told you to interpret.

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