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Many students and new business owners dislike Accounting because they think it is boring and they don't understand the "language of Accountants".  Here are my five ways to help you get through Accounting: - Compare it to a company that you can relate to -  Inventory costing at Nike - Explain stock options and grants through the eyes of executives at Apple and you as a potential stockholder - Use Fixed Cost vs. Variable Cost examples at Chipotle - Demonstrate why accounting is important for failing businesses - Show real examples on accounting software like Quickbooks not just Microsoft Excel.   Accounting can be fun!        

The IRS have opened up form 8863 Education Credit and you can file that form now. Many other credits are still not ready and taxpayers await these in order to file. What is my opinion as a tax professional for 26 year? See below. TAX PLANNING: It is perfectly legal to plan your tax affairs to your advantage as long as you don't break Tax Law. Many people don't know this. Some avoid tax professionals, claiming that they file their own taxes yearly... WORD OF ADVICE----when you are sick you visit a doctor, when you car needs repairs you take it to the mechanic---Trust me if you don't take your taxes to a seasoned tax preparer , I guarantee you that you are losing out on solid TAX PLANNING ADVICE ... Food for thought.

Hola a todos!! Recien comienzo a utilizar los servicios de WyzAnt como tutora y creo que es una magnifica oportunidad, ya he hecho mi primera tutoria en este caso en Excel , aunque tambien me he certificado para dar tutoria en QuickBooks, Computacion Basica, MS Word, Power Point y otras. REVISA MI PERFIL HOY!! PUEDES ESTAR NECESITANDO MI AYUDA!!: Mis preferidas son Quickbooks, MS Excel, y MS Word softwares que uso a diario para mi trabajo y que no dejan de sorprenderme con sus features y su alcance. No me imagino a un professional o estudiante que pueda tener exito y/o preparar reports o procesar data sin utilizar estas aplicaciones (o sus similares en otros sistemas operativos ok! Es cierto: no todos son usuarios de Microsoft, pero creo que somos muchiiiiiisimos no?) Crees que tengo razon? En cuanto a Quickbooks solo les puedo decir que I LOVE QB! lo recomiendo tanto a individuos como a empresas, y muy en... read more

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