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I was hesitant at first to include poker as one of the subjects I tutor. The card game has gained a very negative image for some people. Although the image is partially deserved as poker is indeed gambling and can cause significant debts, there is a lot of good to be said about poker, from both mathematical and psychological standpoints. From a mathematics standpoint, poker teaches a great deal about statistics & probability. For basic students, I can ask given their hand, what are the chances of getting various hands from the future draws. Yet, for more advanced students, not only can I ask what are the probabilities of their hands but also of their opponents. In fact, I could make an entire probability test over just one hand of poker. Very few other games have that possibility. Anyone who remembers who Maverick is knows of the psychological games that come with poker. What are your opponents' tells? What are yours? When do you bluff? When do you fold? How do you... read more

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