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I started this blog so, that my students and potential students on Wyzant could see my personal photography work on display. I have been tutoring for the last two years and I love it!! But, I have been working as a fine art photographer and writer for over 25 years.   I found out today that I cannot show you my photographs on this blog site... I can't upload my images to this blog. But, you can go to my personal profile and you will find a selection of my images that unfortunately,  have been cropped. Oh, well, I tried, but the agency has a finicky cropping tool and it won't let me show you my full frame images. So, I hope to make a video in the near future  where I can show you actual photographs that I have taken and reworked in Photoshop and Lightroom.. so, stay tuned!! For the last ten years, I have done many class presentations and lectures in NYC colleges and universities such as SVA, Parsons, ICP, and NYU. I have also presented and spoken about... read more

Saving Files - When and How Imagine creating your first complex project in Photoshop, like a collage. You work for about an hour, carefully arranging and editing your images, but you don't remember to save the file. All of a sudden, the program crashes and all your work is lost. Make it a practice to save Photoshop files about every 10 minutes, so that this common occurrence, known to all designers, does not happen to you. Now let's take a different scenario. You decide to save the collage file to a flash drive that contains various other types of files, so as not to use hard drive space and for ease of travel. The collage is finally done, and you're ready to save the updated file - but wait - you get an error message saying that the flash drive is full! Photoshop files can be hundreds of megabytes, so even large flash drives can be used up quickly. An alternative is to get two external hard drives, preferably in different colors; use one for current work and the other for backup... read more

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