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Well to start this off I think I'll talk about what I have been working on as of late: Flash: I have been building a media library that utilizes a php script that reads the names of the files in a server and then sends that info to flash where it gets converted to an XML file in flash. Those audio files are then loaded into an array that populates the list that is sorted by the information given in the ID3 tag. Sounds crazier than it really is. Issues: There is no way to stop the loading of all the sounds at once after flash loads the ID3 tag. Maya: Doing a little freelance rigging for a commercial for a local company in the valley. The desired functions of the rig included: 1. a full facial rig 2. stretchy and bendy limbs 3. IK/FK snaping These are some of the recent projects I have been working on. I plan to post more info on these subjects as I finish (i.e. pros and cons / what I would have done better).

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