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The difference between mass and weight is commonly misunderstood in the world of physics and engineering.   Mass is the traditional metric (SI) term for gram or kilogram. The English (Imperial) unit of mass is called a slug.   A pound is actually a force (F=ma), or weight when a is acceleration due to gravity (downward). (m is mass in the equation for force, also referred to as Newton's 2nd Law)   Weight can be a complicated term, confusing the issue in my opinion, so I prefer to use the term force when dealing with physics or engineering problems.   If you weight 150 pounds, that is the same as 150 pounds of force downward.   Remember, a pound is a unit of force, not mass.

Gentle student, If you're anything like me, at times you've wished for an easy way to work math problems and get the answer in the back of the book.Of course, you probably tried just copying the book's answers on to your homework paper only to have that "unreasonable" teacher of yours refuse to give you credit for all those answers!... something about not showing enough work. Well, you're in luck! I've taken a couple of math concepts from the internet,combined and refined them into a technique will take answer you have, no matter how wrong or bogus, and "transmogrify" it into the answer in the back using simple algebra which you can use to show full work. I call this technique The Correct Answer Algorithm (it's so simple it needs a really complicated name to make it sound sophisticated enough to impress your teacher.) So here it is... the algorithm which will in short order transmogrify your answer into the answer in the back of the book: X... read more

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