Tutor Newsletter, 1st Edition: Make a Good First Impression

November 5, 2012

Make a Good First Impression:

The first stage of the tutor search process happens online, but you can still make a personal connection with potential students and their families by using the tools available on your profile. Post a video introducing yourself to potential clients, and bring your profile to life…literally! In a recent poll conducted by WyzAnt, an overwhelming majority of parents and students agree that an introductory video would help them feel more comfortable contacting a tutor. “It would be very helpful. Sometimes to just hear a person’s voice can mean a lot,” says Rikki S., parent of a Pittsburgh, PA student. With the advice of some current WyzAnt tutors, we’ve developed these tips on how to create an effective introductory video:

Tips For A Great Introductory Video

Be Yourself: You want your video to accurately represent who you are in real life. “Record it after one or two practice runs. Otherwise you just end up looking forced and tired,” says tutor Emilio M of Modesto, CA. It’s also helpful to offer insight on your personal approach to teaching. “If you can’t tell already, I like to be goofy and I love to make people laugh,” says Joshua M in his video.

Keep It Casual: You don’t need to create a lengthy video for it to be meaningful. For starters, take 30 seconds to introduce yourself. To protect your privacy, use only your first name and include a general location as well as the subjects in which you tutor. You can tell a lot about yourself in under a minute as Emily G. demonstrates in her video. (same as above) When in doubt, keep it brief - according to a study by digital content distributor Wistia, the average human attention span for online videos is 60 seconds.

Content: Think about what you want to convey to potential new students. Have you received awards or honors in your area of tutoring? “Videos are a great platform to demonstrate specialties. It’s one thing to list on paper what your skills are, but with things like language tutoring, pronunciation and proof of proficiency is key,” says French tutor Tahoma L. See additional language tutor examples below:

*Note: You are viewing these videos on our YouTube channel. Upload your video directly to your personal profile page here and it will automatically show up in the WyzAnt YouTube channel.

Location and Setting: Choose your location wisely. “I chose to shoot my video against a colorful wall outside of a library to create a calm and aesthetically pleasing background,” says Emilio. Avoid ambient noise and clutter in the background. “The small amount of information visible in the frame can subconsciously affect how parents perceive you, and a few scattered papers or clutter could be construed as being disorganized," says Psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Siebert. Choose a neutral background, with the camera focused waist up and mounted at eye level, drawing attention to your face, expressions and words. Seek out a space where natural light is predominant and supplement with artificial light such as a desk lamp.

Technology: Don’t let the worry of perfect editing and technical aspects involved deter you from making a video. Many newer computers come standard with a webcam, as do many smartphones. Whether you’re most comfortable with PCs, Macs or digital cameras, we’ve got you covered with a list of helpful resources from all over the web. See the full list below:

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