Discounts Decoded!

June 5, 2013

June 2013 Tutor Newsletter, 5th Edition

Did you know?

The average student on WyzAnt gets a 7% discount at no cost to you!

You may be aware that WyzAnt students have two payment options; they can pay-as-they-go, making payment after you submit the details of your lesson, or they can purchase a discount package of credit prior to beginning lessons. WyzAnt’s customer service team is always available to answer questions about either payment option; however, understanding how payment works for your customers may help you ease their concerns and allow them to begin tutoring with confidence.

Student Discount Options

WyzAnt offers students discounts of 5-15% off the cost of lessons, and that discount is taken entirely from WyzAnt’s commission. When a student purchases a discount package, the student is charged immediately and a credit balance is applied to the student’s account. That balance is drawn on after you submit the details of your lesson, and the amount of credit deducted is determined by your hourly rate and the length of the lesson. WyzAnt’s three standard discount package options are outlined in the table below.

Example: Bobby chooses to purchase the second package option for $400 in credit. Bobby will receive a 10% discount on his purchase and will pay $360 for this credit, a $40 savings.

Custom Discount Options

Students may create custom discount packages by selecting one of their tutors and entering the number of hours they wish to purchase with that tutor. The credit calculator determines the amount of credit and any eligible discount for the custom package by multiplying the tutor’s hourly rate and the number of requested hours. The table below outlines the ranges of credit for each discount level.

Discount Credit Purchase Amount
5% $200-$399 $190-$379
10% $400-$999 $360-$899
15% $1,000+ $850+

The Bottom Line

  • Secure long-term business and help your students save money by encouraging them to take advantage of WyzAnt’s discount packages
  • Discount packages lower your hourly rate for students without decreasing your pay
  • Helpful tip: Credit NEVER expires and unused credit is refundable
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