Wyzant vs Preply

Wyzant vs Preply: Comparing Your Tutoring Options

Learning has become much easier and more accessible in recent years thanks to the number of tutoring options available online. But are all these tutoring options reliable and effective?

What are the pros and cons of some of the most prominent tutoring websites? Which tutoring platform offers the best experience? 

There are plenty of questions to consider when choosing a platform to book a tutoring lesson. This article will compare two tutoring platforms: Wyzant and Preply, which offer similar tutoring experiences but are slightly different, which may help you decide which platform is best for you.  

What is Wyzant?

Wyzant is a tutoring marketplace that aims to make personalized learning easier, affordable, and accessible by connecting students around the globe with expert tutors. The platform boasts an extensive selection of tutors and subjects with more than 65k tutors, over 275 subjects, and 12,000+ topics. 


Unlike most other tutoring sites, Wyzant prioritizes offering their users the freedom to personalize their experiences by letting them choose their own tutors and schedule. The platform offers both online and in-person tutoring options. So whether you want to learn from the comfort of your own home or connect with local tutors for one-on-one tutoring in person, you can always find the kind of lesson you need on their website or free app.  

What is Preply?

Preply is a Ukraine-based e-learning website that connects students and tutors from around the world for one-on-one tutoring classes via video call. As of 2021, Preply had over 14,000 registered tutors from 203 countries.


While you can find a wide range of skills to study on Preply, it’s most popular for finding language tutors. The website can connect you with highly-qualified educators for dozens of languages, including languages not often offered on other language learning apps or platforms, like Dutch and Hebrew. 

What is a tutoring marketplace?

While most tutoring websites act as virtual tutoring centers or agencies where tutors are assigned to students, tutoring marketplaces offer a platform for learners to connect with independent tutors of their own choosing. On tutoring marketplaces like Wyzant and Preply, the tutors offer their services independently through the website instead of working directly for the company. 

This doesn’t mean that just anyone can become a tutor on Wyzant. Any aspiring tutor has to go through a thorough vetting process including subject quizzes and provide key details like their teaching or professional experience, education, and other information to help students choose their perfect fit. 

How much does Wyzant cost?

Tutors on Wyzant set their own rates, so you’ll find a diverse range of pricing options even within the same subject and skill level. With some tutors charging as low as $10/hour and some who charge more than $60/hour, there is an option for just about every budget. Users also pay a small service charge per lesson and can even request a third-party background check on any tutor by paying an extra $15. 

Here’s the average cost of one hour of tutoring on Wyzant at different academic levels:

Test Prep: $35-65
Elementary/Middle: $32
High School: $55
College: $59

One feature that sets Wyzant apart from its competitors is the sheer breadth of tutor options and rates. With Wyzant, you don’t just get to pick your subject and decide between in-person and online tutoring – you’re also empowered with the ability to choose your own tutors so you’ll always find your perfect fit.

How much does Preply cost?

The prices of lessons on Preply are a little higher than other similar platforms, and users must pay for blocks of lessons upfront. When students start lessons with a new tutor, Preply takes 100% commission for that first lesson. After that, the commission fee ranges from around 18% to 33% depending on how many lessons a tutor has taught. 


Lesson prices on Preply mostly seem to depend on the skill or subject being taught. Subjects with fewer available tutors are generally more expensive and can range between $30 and $40 per lesson. Meanwhile, more common skills like learning Spanish or French tend to be more affordable, with lessons generally in the $15-$20 range. 

How does Preply work?

Preply is similar to Wyzant in that tutors provide their services independently through a marketplace and set their own rates. However, unlike Wyzant, Preply is solely online-based and does not have an in-person tutoring option. Preply is also mainly focused on language learning though you can find tutors for other subjects as well. 

Learners can take a Preply placement test before starting their lessons so their tutors have a better understanding of the learner’s skill level and create lesson plans or activities accordingly. Once a tutor has determined the skill level of the student, they can start teaching beginner, intermediate or advanced level lessons through the Preply video conference learning platform called ‘Classrooms.’ 

Payment plans

Wyzant prioritizes transparency when it comes to tutor pricing. Users do not have to pay any extra subscription fees, make big commitments, or deal with hidden charges. Wyzant offers a pay-as-you-go system. This means you don’t have to worry about hefty prepayments or expensive contracts; you simply pay after every individual lesson is complete.

This system allows users to schedule lessons according to their unique needs and budget, as well as try out a lesson or two without committing to a single tutor. Wyzant also ensures that learners only pay for a satisfactory tutoring experience through their Good Fit Guarantee: a safety-net that allows users to get the first hour of a first lesson with any new tutor for free if they end up dissatisfied with their learning experience. 


Unlike Wyzant, Preply doesn’t let you book individual lessons. Instead, you have to buy lessons in packages of 6, 12, 20, and 40 hours. You can, however, get a trial lesson of 1 hour with a tutor to see if they’re the right fit for you. After this first lesson, you can only book lessons in packages and can’t spread out these hours between different tutors. 

Preply requires users to purchase a minimum of 6 lessons.


This can be inconvenient for users who want to learn multiple subjects or from different tutors as they’ll have to make big one-time investments for each tutor. So if you like the commitment-free aspect that Wyzant offers, Preply might not be the preferable choice for you. 

What are the customers saying?

If you really want to know whether a service is worth paying for, you have to find out what customers have to say about their experiences.

Third-party customer review websites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber make this easy by letting users leave reviews and ratings. There are also websites like Top Customer Reviews where you can find lists with brief reviews of some of the top tutoring agencies. 

Wyzant reviews

Customers are generally satisfied with their experience on Wyzant, as we can see from the star ratings of 4.77 on ResellerRatings and 3.9 on Trustpilot. The platform also tops the Top Customer Reviews’ 2022 Tutor Agency Reviews list with a 5 star rating. 

A number of learners reported significant improvements in their grades and general learning experience after using Wyzant. With the freedom to select their own tutors, complemented with the user-friendly search system that lets them narrow down their search, many customers were able to find tutors who perfectly matched their needs. 

Most users also found it helpful that they were able to message and interact with a tutor first before booking a lesson with them. This made it easier for them to make their decision with confidence. Since every learner has their own specific needs, learning style and knowledge level, being able to communicate with the tutors directly made it possible for them to select the best tutor for their personal tutoring needs. 

Some users also commended the user-friendly experience of the website, as well as the excellent customer service provided by the Wyzant team. Learners also credited the interactive learning tools made with cutting edge technology for their positive experience. 

As we’ve pointed out earlier, the platform is a marketplace where the tutors hold a certain level of responsibility for their students’ experiences. So it’s important for any user to utilize the straightforward tutor selection tools to choose the right fit. 

A handful of users were left dissatisfied with their experience mostly for selecting a tutor who didn’t meet their needs. Since there are thousands of independent tutors on the platform, there’s no guarantee that every tutor available can provide the right help you need. 

Preply reviews

As for Preply, customers report generally positive tutoring experiences. The platform has an excellent star rating of 4.2 on Trustpilot. Customers especially praise language learning lessons. Since the site has tutors from all around the globe, learners can connect with native speakers from anywhere in the world to learn their desired languages. Many users were able to find qualified experts who helped them reach their learning goals, especially when it came to languages. Most of the positive reviews applauded the quality of tutors and their lessons.

While most of the tutors on the platform seem to have shown excellent skills and professionalism, some users faced issues with the general customer service provided by Preply  itself. The general complaints were mostly about scheduling errors, delayed responses, and refund issues. A few users also pointed out problems with the learning and video conference tool, with some even switching to other video conferencing platforms to evade the issue. 

How to find a tutor

With Wyzant, you can easily find the right tutor for your needs by following a few simple steps:

  • First you’ll provide some basic information about your tutoring goals. Details like subject, grade level, online or in-person tutoring will help narrow down the search.
  • Once you’ve entered these details, you’ll be shown a list of tutors who fit your requirements. You can filter this list according to tutor rate, reviews, ratings, etc. 
  • After you’ve filtered down the list, you can read tutor profiles, read reviews and even message anyone you’re interested in working with to learn more. 
  • When you’re ready to take the final step, just book a lesson! You’ll only be charged after your lesson is complete.

The tutor selection process on Preply is similar. You open the “Find Tutors” section, narrow down your search using filters like price range, subject, preferred time, etc. You can then personally message tutors for any other details you need to specify. Once you’ve reached a decision, you can purchase the number of hours you’d like and book a lesson with the tutor of your choice. 


Choosing the right platform for your tutoring needs

There’s no denying that the two platforms we’ve mentioned here are two of the best tutoring companies available online. However, since every learner will have their own unique needs, no one specific platform is the best for everyone.

The first essential step to making the right decision is figuring out your own needs. What’s on your list of tutoring priorities: flexible scheduling, affordable lessons, user-friendly interface, good customer service, or commitment-free payment plans? It’s important to know your needs before you choose a tutoring website.

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