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Wyzant vs. Care.com: Comparing Tutoring Options

With the number of tutoring websites available today, finding expert help has become easier than ever before.

You no longer have to ask around the neighborhood or seek out ads in order to find a qualified tutor. Students and parents now have the option to easily browse online and choose from a wide selection of highly qualified tutors without ever leaving their houses.

However, with so many different tutors and tutoring websites out there, you should carefully weigh your options to find out which of the best tutoring websites is the right fit for you. To make the process easier, let’s compare two popular sites for finding tutors: Wyzant and Care.com

What is Wyzant?

Wyzant is the nation’s largest tutoring marketplace, where you can connect with highly qualified tutors from anywhere in the world to reach your goals via personalized, pay-as-you-go lessons.


You can find both in-person and online tutoring for all ages and levels with more than 65,000 tutors in over 275 subjects. The site also offers a powerful interactive learning tool for online lessons, so students can have the most effective learning experience possible from the comfort of their own home.

What is Care.com?

Care.com is an online marketplace for a number of services including childcare, pet care, housekeeping, etc. Unlike Wyzant, this marketplace is not exclusively designed to facilitate tutoring, but you can still find plenty of tutors who list their services there in a wide range of subjects.


Tutors for both in-person and online classes are available on the site, but since the platform isn’t a marketplace dedicated to learning, it doesn’t come with the built-in learning tools or features that more robust platforms like Wyzant offer.

Tutoring lessons on Care.com require a premium membership and upfront payment.

How much does Wyzant cost?

One of the best parts of Wyzant is that it offers a wide range of different pricing options. Since tutors themselves set their own rates, you get a wide range of rate options even within the same subject and topic. On top of that, there’s full pricing transparency with no hidden charges or subscription fees. 

Average tutoring rates on Wyzant range between $35-$65/hour, and are pay-as-you-go. Tutors on Wyzant can price their services as low as $10/hour. Here’s the average cost of one hour of tutoring on Wyzant:

Test Prep: $35-65
Elementary/Middle: $32
High School: $55
College: $59

A lot of other tutoring services require either expensive prepayment plans or subscription fees where you have to pay monthly fees to access all their services. In this regard, Wyzant offers a more convenient option than its competitors with their pay-as-you-go payment process. Instead of paying in advance for multiple lessons with a tutor or tutors on Wyzant, you’ll only need to pay for the lessons you take, and only after you take them. 

This payment system is perfect both for students or parents who can’t pay for expensive plans in advance and don’t yet want to commit to multiple hours of tutoring. You don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription plan in order to use Wyzant, so it’s easy to test out the site and its tutors without breaking the bank on it.

How much does Care.com cost?

Just like Wyzant, the tutors on Care.com set their own rates so you’ll get multiple pricing options to fit your budget. However, the site charges both tutors and clients a premium membership fee in order to use all the features the site has to offer. 

Care.com premium membership pricing

Care.com’s premium membership comes in three different subscription plans:

$38.95/mo for 1 month
$24.95/mo for 3 months
$12.95/mo for 12 months.

You can post your own tutoring job on Care or browse available tutor options with a free basic membership, but in order to message a tutor or book a lesson, you’ll have to pay for a premium membership. Since Care.com requires some level of upfront commitment and expense in order to access all the tutoring options available, it’s less accessible for students or families who are on a specific budget or who want to try different tutors to find the right fit.


Customer reviews

Wyzant reviews on trusted customer review websites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber are mostly positive, with average customer ratings of 4.2 stars on Trustpilot and 3.88 stars on Sitejabber. ranks first on the list of 2021 Tutor Agency Reviews by Top Consumer Reviews. As for tutoring on Care.com, the majority of reviewers are dissatisfied with their experience. 

Reviews of Wyzant

The convenient payment process and varying price options earn big points from many Wyzant users. Wyzant’s pay-as-you-go system that only charges you for lessons you take allows customers to confidently try out and continue using Wyzant without fear of spending more than what they bargained for. 

For many clients, the ease of messaging and ability to message and interview tutors directly on the site before they book a lesson is another noteworthy feature. Since you can chat with any tutor you want as much as you want before scheduling a lesson, you can meticulously vet your options and find the best fit for your needs.

Another useful feature commended by clients is Wyzant’s interactive online learning tool which makes it easy for students to book remote lessons that are just as engaging and effective as in-person tutoring. 

Owing to all these benefits that Wyzant offers, many customers have reported improved grades and a boost in overall understanding and knowledge of subject matter. However, since the site is a marketplace and the tutors are independent tutors rather than employees of the platform, it’s important to make sure you check the tutors’ profiles and reviews carefully before booking a lesson with them to be sure you’ve found the best possible fit. 

While Wyzant strives to approve only the most reliable and qualified tutors on their platform, the company does not have a say in the way tutors conduct their lessons. A handful of customers have reported unsatisfactory experiences with the tutors they chose, resulting in very little improvement with their academic performance. So it’s best to read customer testimonials about any individual tutor, and communicate directly with the tutor themselves about all your questions concerning your unique goals and the tutoring process.

Reviews of Care.com tutoring

Reviews and customer testimonials of tutoring on Care.com from sites like  Trustpilot and Sitejabber, make it clear that the site’s payment process and requirements are the biggest issues that customers have with the site. Some users seem to be satisfied with the tutors they booked through the site; negative reviews mostly point out billing issues rather than problems with the tutors or their services. 

With average ratings of only 1.1 stars on Trustpilot and 1.2 stars on Sitejabber, this platform leaves many of their customers unhappy with technical issues and a reportedly glitchy payment processing system. 

Care.com requires a subscription fee for their premium membership in order to converse with tutors before booking tutoring lessons, which for some customers has meant inadvertently signing up for recurring monthly charges. Many users have expressed issues with these subscription fees continuing even after they’ve terminated their tutoring.

Care.com customers can sign up for a free membership, which allows you to pay only for the tutoring lessons they take and avoid subscription fees. However, the basic membership doesn’t include certain important features, and limits your ability to chat with potential tutors before paying for and booking a lesson. Finding the right tutor is complicated when you can’t have conversations about your strengths, weaknesses, and personal learning needs before you pay for a lesson. 

While Care can connect you with highly competent tutors, and even offers free background checks with premium memberships, considering customer reviews of their experiences, you’d be wise to monitor charges carefully once you sign up for a premium membership, and communicate clearly with potential tutors to set up clear expectations.

How do you find a tutor?

Both Wyzant and Care.com are marketplaces, which means you get to select your tutors yourself, and tutors set their own rates and lesson policies.

How to find a tutor on Wyzant

Finding a qualified tutor on Wyzant is easy. You can find your perfect fit by following a few quick steps: 

  • First, you’ll provide some basic information – whether you’re opting for online or in-person tutoring, which grade level and subject do you need a tutor for? Where are you located? (This information is especially important if you’re going for in-person tutoring and have to find tutors nearby) etc.
  • After this, you will see a browsable list of tutor options that fit your needs. You can sort and filter results based on rates, gender preference, availability, and other factors to help you narrow down your shortlist. Just select any tutor you want to know more about, then go read their comprehensive tutoring profile where you’ll find qualification info like education, teaching experience, subject expertise, and much more.

  • Once you find a fit, directly message tutors to tell them what kind of help you’re seeking. You can also inquire about their teaching style and suss out their overall communication skills to see if they’ll be the right fit for you or your child.

  • The final step is to book a lesson! It’s easy to try working with tutors on Wyzant with confidence thanks to the Good Fit Guarantee, which covers your first hour of a lesson with any new tutor if you’re unsatisfied in any way.
Wyzant good fit guarantee

You can also simply just post your tutoring request on Wyzant, and hear from tutors who have the experience and qualifications you need.

How to find a tutor on Care.com

To find a tutor on Care.com, you’ll need to first specify the service you’re looking for, since the site doesn’t cater specifically to learning or tutoring. 

You will answer a series of questions to identify grade level, subject, location, and other details. Once this step is done, you’ll be prompted to open a free account. However, one big difference from Wyzant is that you can’t message tutors in your search results directly, or view detailed tutor profiles and reviews, without purchasing a premium membership. 

Care.com access levels

With their free basic membership, you can post a job listing where you briefly describe your requirements, schedule and other necessary information. Tutors can view your job listing and apply, but they will only be able to directly contact you if they are also premium members themselves. If you’ve paid for Care.com’s premium membership, you can freely message tutors, request background checks, and book lessons.

Choosing the best tutoring platform

First identify your tutoring needs:

  • Which subject do you need expert help with?
  • Are you opting for online or in-person tutoring?
  • How much are you willing to pay for your lessons?
  • Do you want to pay upfront or only for lessons you take?

Once you establish all your basic tutoring needs, you can start browsing for the right tutor and tutoring platform for you. One-on-one tutoring is a smart choice for students to go beyond classroom learning and learn how they learn best. With the convenience of tutoring websites that help you connect with some of the most qualified experts in various subjects, tutoring sessions have become much more accessible for customers of any age. 

Carefully assess and compare different tutoring websites, keeping in mind your own unique needs with regards to pricing, commitment, ease of use, and quality. With the right tutor who’ll work closely with you to create a personalized learning experience, you can reach new heights. Start browsing tutors on Wyzant to find your perfect fit.

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