WATCH: Wyzant Under 5 Election Edition

Election Day is right around the corner! To commemorate, we challenged tutors on Wyzant to tell us important info about the electoral college and history-changing people and events that shaped voting in America…

….in under five minutes! 

Led by expert American History educators, each video in this three-part series gives a glimpse into one of the most fundamental parts of our democracy. Wyzant Under Five is easy to follow for viewers of all ages.

Click any of the titles below to watch the videos!

The Electoral College Explained in Under 5 Minutes

5 Moments That Changed Voting in the US Forever

5 People Who Helped Change Voting in America

The Electoral College Explained in Under 5 Minutes

An institution discussed throughout American history, inside and outside of classrooms. Expert tutor Emilie M. breaks down how the electoral college works, why it’s how we vote, and outlines the differences between Popular and Electoral votes.

The article below expands on the info Emilie presents in her video, so check it out!

5 Moments That Changed Voting in the US Forever

From womens’ struggle to get the vote, to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, expert tutor and former college professor Alexandra H. explains monumental moments in voting history in the US.

Still want to learn more about how voting has changed in the US? Head to Alexandra’s article to read up on all five moments in more detail.

5 People Who Helped Change Voting in America

AP American History teacher Preston B. tells us all about the people who made voting what it is today, like Elizabeth Cady Stanton, John Lewis, Frederick Douglass, and Miguel Trujillo. Watch to see how these Americans paved the way for equal voting rights and inclusivity.

For more learning, check out the blog post!

How To Explain The Election And Voting To Kids

Kids are smart. They pick up on the big things happening in their worlds, so it’s to be expected that they’d want to know more about what voting means, and how elections work.

Our Wyzant Under 5 Elections Edition videos were featured in a recent HuffPost article about talking to your children about the electoral college, choosing a candidate, voting history, and more. Check it out below!

Get Your Civics Questions Answered

There’s just too much to American history, civics, and elections to cover in just three videos. Head to Ask An Expert to ask expert tutors on Wyzant all your questions – about voting, how our democracy works, and more.

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Watch all the Election Edition videos above in Wyzant Under 5, then connect with an experienced American History or Political Science tutor to jumpstart your education in civics.

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