Why Teachers Want Their Students To Have Tutors


Teachers, by their very nature (not to mention vocation), care deeply about learning.

Still, time and resources are stretched thin, classrooms get over-crowded, and as a result teachers find themselves overworked and unable to the impact they want.

Sometimes, help is already available within the school. But when it’s not (or when it’s not enough), encouraging students and parents to connect with a private tutor can be beneficial—not just for the student, but for the teacher as well.

A More Manageable Classroom

It’s no secret that working one-on-one is a unique and powerful dynamic that enables teachers to tap into a child’s strengths and quickly help them understand concepts. But working with students one-on-one isn’t often realistic for a classroom teacher. For a tutor, it is.

When students work 1-1 with a tutor outside of class, it affects in-class behavior as well. Students show up more focused, more motivated, and more engaged. Sure, it may not be a home-run every day, but in general, having more students who are confident in their ability to learn means teachers get to teach rather than manage.

Better Performance from Students

There’s no end to the amount of time which could be spent searching for ways to help a student who struggles with a given subject or concept. And with students all over the spectrum, it’s impossible to address them all.

With a private tutor building on in-class concepts and providing extra help to students, teachers can see better performances from students who might have fallen behind, without slowing down the entire class.

Instant (and Consistent) Backup

A private tutor can help to bridge the gap between teachers and parents. Parents often do not have the time, or know-how to help their students pick up with a lesson where teachers left off—especially considering how Common Core has changed the way many things are taught.

Beyond the parent-teacher dynamic, the educational perspective private tutors bring leads to a healthy dialogue filled with learnings to better entire classes. And 21st century educators are already no strangers to refining their skills, collaborating with colleagues or via the internet to do so.

Strengthened Relationships

No one feels good pointing out an issue without being able to offer a solution. While no one in their right mind will claim teachers should know everything, every ounce of help builds trust between a teacher and parent.

Sharing resources offered by the district helps. Additional teacher hours help. So do private tutors. They are a living, breathing educational resource. Much more than a homework helper, experience and knowledge is their greatest tool for upholding the value of learning—and enabling teachers and parents to do the same.

It’s an extension of the teacher into the home. It not only strengthens a child’s resolve, but every link in the chain between parents, students, and teachers.

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