Why Private Tutoring Might Be The Answer To Most Of Your Problems

Why Private Tutoring Might Be The Answer To (Most Of) Your Problems

For busy professionals, one of the greatest values that private online tutoring provides is that you can learn at your own pace—and unlike using sites like Khan Academy or Lynda, it’s far less challenging to stay motivated.

It’s the difference between joining a gym versus booking an appointment with a personal trainer at your new gym. You’re far more likely to show up and stay engaged when you have someone at the ready to help you meet your goals. Plus, compared to online degrees, the cost and time commitment of working with a private tutor is more manageable. On top of that, it’s similar to today’s world of remote and cloud-based company environments.

Not to mention, with so many of today’s professional skills being computer based (coding, business services, marketing to name a few), working with someone who’s also at a computer makes sense.

Here are some other reasons to consider an online private tutor.

How Online Tutoring Can Help Anyone

Thanks to the continued refinement of powerful online tools, student and their tutors can interact just as effectively as they could in person, without the necessity of meeting at a public spot or finding parking. Besides convenience, though, there are a host of the other benefits of online tutoring that you should consider when deciding if tutoring is the right way to reach your goals.

Learn a new skill at your own speed, on your own schedule

Online private tutoring offers ease in interaction from various points. It frees you up from a time-staking commute and the stress of long drives and/or traffic.

The ease of finding a tutor online doesn’t put any stress on your schedule, while Wyzant’s pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to stay within a budget. On the other end, there’s no wait getting started. Without the rigidity of start dates and class schedules, you start when it’s convenient for you.

Stay motivated to accomplish your goals

Many professionals don’t find it easy to dive into something brain intensive after an 8+ hour workday. Throw in your commute and basic survival needs like cooking and cleaning, and the thought of challenging yourself can easily fall to the wayside.

But where free-form self-directed learning lapses motivation—working with a tutor offers a balance while keeping topics lean and relevant. You can maintain the autonomy of learning what you want (or need) to learn, with the inherent motivations a teacher provides.


Open Up to New Opportunities

If you have less resources to commit or like to learn on your own, use the online experience for the purpose of guidance. Tutors are great at explaining the things you already know you want to know, but even better at helping you discover deeper learning and uncover interesting and helpful things along the way.

As you learn a new skill, you can also have a resource for future learning, and for outside-the-box thinkers, maybe even a reference of your newly improved skills and abilities.

Ways to Use Online Tutoring

Finding private tutoring lessons online is easy, and those lessons can (and should!) flex to meet your own unique needs and goals. Here are a few ways to fit online learning into your schedule.

Guide your asynchronous learning

If you have less resources to commit or like to learn on your own, use the online experience for the purpose of guidance.

The sheer volume of resources makes self-directed learning a challenge. So much so that just planning the learning experience is enough to turn people off to whatever it is they start out wanting to learn. In other words, it’s great for an asynchronous learning experience. Your tutor can be the expert who helps you evaluate the right right tools and courses to meet your goals.


Tie it into projects you’re currently working on

Is there a current challenge at work that you’ve taken on but could use additional help? Engaging with a tutor can pay significant dividends in overcoming new challenges.

Even when facing more technical projects or dealing with models and projections you aren’t familiar with, tutoring is a shorter path to mastery. A tutor can bridge gaps and provide unique insights where self-guided learning might lead down multiple wrong roads. This is especially on those times you’re left to take on hard challenges without help.

Test out new skillsets

A slight commitment to tutoring (as little as two sessions) is enough to expose you to new skills that you think you might enjoy and succeed at, but not have enough knowledge to be sure.

An online tutor who understands those skills can not only show you how to dip in, they can break down the emotional and mental expectations that come with them.

A tutor can also provide a feedback loop. In addition to the extra guidance, you can learn applications for the skills that you’re learning.

Try a new hobby

Carving out “me” time can be tough stuff, especially today, that’s true. It might sometimes feel awkward to talk about finding a hobby or chat about their interests with other grown-ups, especially if it doesn’t involve the hot new streaming show or happy hours. And finding the “right” new hobby from thousands of options? Not easy.

But all these things are doable with a tutor. And worth doing. 


How to Get Started With An Online Tutor

Getting help is easier than you think. Head to Wyzant.com and tell us what you’re hoping to learn. We’ll help you find tons of incredible, experienced online tutors that fit your needs and budget, and you can chat and book your sessions from your dashboard anytime.

And you’ll only pay once you’re done with your lesson, guaranteed.

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