What Kind of Writing Tutor Do I Actually Need

What Kind of Writing Tutor Do I Actually Need?

Writing is a necessary skill for a wide variety of disciplines. Even if you aren’t necessarily pursuing a career or study centered on writing, you still need at least some basic writing skills to effectively communicate your concerned subject. 

As simple as it may seem, writing can prove rather challenging without practice, guidance, and access to relevant writing resources. There are plenty of resources available at your disposal that can significantly help improve your writing skills – one of them being writing tutors. 

Maybe you need guidance with basic grammar, syntax, and sentence structure. Perhaps you’re looking for someone to help with your creative writing skills or maybe a tutor for a particular academic project. Regardless of the situation, the best writing help you can find is through one-on-one guidance from experts. With the right tutor, you can make drastic progress to improve writing skills.

What Is A Writing Tutor? 

A writing tutor is an experienced instructor that helps their students write better by offering personalized advices and critiquing their works.

Writing tutors help equip their students with the necessary skill to produce concise, comprehensible, and effective writings

Instead of doing the writing for them, a writing tutor will help their students attain the essential writing skills they need in the long run. You can get both in-person and online writing tutors, each with their own advantages. 

In-Person vs Online Writing Tutoring

While in-person tutoring can be just as comprehensive and effective, online tutoring is more convenient. It allows you to easily book sessions where they fit best in your schedule, and provides a much wider range of experienced instructors from all over the US.

Online tutoring platforms, like Wyzant, provide convenient and user-friendly tools so it as effective as in-person instruction, without all the hassle. 


Why Are Writing Tutors Important?

Be it creative or academic writing, it’s crucial for a writer to communicate their ideas effectively through their writing. To effectively communicate your ideas, you’d first need to know how to practice writing habits and find out which areas you need to improve on. This is where the writing tutor steps in to provide one-on-one guidance to a student by closely examining their works, detecting their areas of opportunity, and carefully tackling the things the individual student struggles with most.  

With a writing tutor, you’ll be able to recognize your weaknesses more quickly, and learn how to work on them correctly. After all, it’s impossible to improve on something if you don’t know what needs improving. When you’re genuinely striving for improvement, having someone read your work and offer constructive criticism is helpful.

It’s even better when that person is an expert in the field. 

Should I Get A Tutor?

Working with a writing tutor may be a great option for you if: 

  • You find yourself struggling to write
  • Are constantly stuck with writer’s block
  • Are in need of brushing up your writing skills for an upcoming exam or assignment

Since writing tutors provide hands-on guidance, they can approach your challenges and weaknesses in the most efficient manner. A writing tutor is a worthwhile investment as the tutoring process is personalized to productively deal with your personal issues with writing, as opposed to other forms of guidance like classroom instructions that tackle writing problems in a more generalized manner. 


If you want the best possible help you can get to improve your writing skills and are willing to make the investment, hiring a writing tutor is key. Especially with easily accessible online tutoring courses, you have the option to work with a tutor from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own couch.  

There are thousands of tutoring options available online, offering a wide range of experience, methods, and rates. With the correct approach and careful research, you’re sure to find the right fit for you. 

How Do I Choose The Right Writing Tutor?

Since there are plenty of experts out there offering tutoring services with different promises at varying price points, you might be scratching your head over which one to choose. Selecting the right fit for you is important! 

What Do You Struggle With?

The first step to finding the right tutor is identifying your own weaknesses. What do you need a tutor for?

  • Grammar and syntax
  • Organizing your writing process
  • Accountability
  • Objective feedback
  • Improving email communication
  • Editing/proofreading
  • Polishing a draft
  • Test prep

Carefully outline what you find most difficult when writing, and analyze your options according to those requirements. Just like there are different types of writing, there will be different experts for each type of writing. 

What Kind Of Writing Is Hardest For You?

Creative, expository, academic, research, ESL or even general guidance on story or plot…there are tons of types of writing tutoring. A good place to test the waters is to search for a writing tutor who calls out your specific need in their profile.

It’s easy to understand why. Writing a literary analysis is a completely different process from writing a scientific research paper. You won’t write an expository piece the same way you write fiction.

What Qualifications Do You Want In A Writing Tutor?

Writing tutors on Wyzant clearly highlight their qualifications, including areas of expertise, strengths, teaching methods etc. on their profiles, which allows you to research and select the best tutor for you. Whether you’re a budding author looking for a creative writing boost, a student who just needs help polishing an assignment, you’ll find the right.

How Much Does Tutoring Cost?

The best thing about searching for tutors online is the wide variety, not just in area of expertise and qualifications, but price range as well. You don’t have to worry much about tutoring prices even when you’re on a budget. 

On Wyzant, students choose what they pay, with no pre-paid contracts or classes. When searching for writing tutors, you can narrow down your options based on specific hourly rates. That means you can browse instructors within your budget. Filter your options to fit your budget range, and send a message to any tutor who sparks your interest – many of them are willing to negotiate their rates based on your needs.

And remember that lower prices don’t mean lower quality! You can always find highly rated tutors even at lower rates, because tutors on Wyzant set their own. 


How Does It Work?

Most tutoring sites offer pre-paid courses through easily accessible, user-friendly platforms. You’ll work with an experienced tutor who is assigned to you.

On Wyzant, students choose their own tutors. Tutors on Wyzant all possess incredible experience, qualifications, and their own unique skills. Users can even leave reviews and ratings for their instructors – a handy tool when researching for the best option for you. Once you’ve selected your tutor, you can reach out book a lesson.

You’ll then begin your online lessons through a real-time video session, which you can opt to record for future reference. You’ll also have all the necessary tools to easily communicate with your writing tutor, including a virtual whiteboard and a screen-sharing feature.

Other online tutoring platforms offer pre-paid courses that utilize text chat, although these would be a little less convenient for writing tutoring. 

Connect with a writing tutor today

Connect With A Writing Tutor on Wyzant

 The process of your own tutoring will depend on the field and concern of your course, as well as your tutor’s own teaching process. The role of the tutor is to provide writing tips and critiques after reading their student’s work. They’ll provide you with useful tips like the most effective ways to structure your writing, how to create an essay outline, writing do’s and don’ts, how to self edit using an editing checklist, productive writing habits, how to write consistently, etc. 

Apart from working on your overall writing skill through appropriate writing exercises, a tutor will structure your personalized sessions according to your own unique challenges. Working with an online tutor allows you to write in your own workspace, which can prove beneficial since one’s working environment contributes a lot to the writing process. 

When you write in a space and setting you’re most comfortable and familiar with, you can write like you normally would. A tutor can, therefore, have the most accurate assessment of your work and process. An experienced writing tutor will be aware of all the common writing mistakes and struggles for writers and will be able to provide directions accordingly. 

A writing coach can sometimes double as an ESL tutor for someone with good basic comprehension skills. A writing tutor will foster your writing and basic language skills by providing effective grammar lessons just like an English tutor. However, make sure you choose a tutor who specializes in writing courses for ESL students if you require this type of guidance. 

Is Writing Tutoring Worth It?

You may have every desire to work on your writing skills but that can be a Herculean task without first understanding the correct process. You’ll also need to learn the most effective ways to practice writing, the correct grammatical and syntactical constructions, the correct sentence structure for different types of writing etc. 

Having someone to guide you in the right direction can speed up the learning process and double the impact of your efforts. With the help of a tutor, you can learn how to write more effectively by identifying the issues with your writing and getting equipped to combat those errors. Since every individual has their own personal challenges, personalized help is your best bet towards improvement.

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