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Andrew Geant, CEO

Trends and topics in online tutoring

In February 2018 I wrote this blog post on the importance of online tutoring and how we expected it to grow significantly in the coming years. At the time, 36% of all Wyzant lessons were taking place online, up from 19% a year prior and a mere 6% in 2016. Last month, October 2019, a whopping 65% of all lessons on Wyzant took place online.

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There are three main drivers behind the explosive growth of online tutoring: convenience, fit, and technology.

  1. It’s more convenient for everyone involved with no travel time or expense required.

  2. With more tutors to choose from, it’s easier to find the perfect fit, whether based on subject expertise, availability, learning style, or other dimensions.

  3. Online learning technology and broadband access continue to rapidly improve.

Now that the majority of student requests are for online tutoring, I highly encourage you to embrace the trend if you’ve not done so already. You can learn more about online tutoring here.

For those of you who do some or all of your tutoring in person, it’s worth noting that we still see an important role for in-person tutoring. For instance, we’ve seen that younger students, and those with unique learning needs, can find in-person lessons more valuable to their success. And of course, many students and parents simply prefer it. Rest assured, Wyzant plans to continue to support in-person tutoring. We do not, however, expect it to grow as much as online tutoring.

In closing, here are some other interesting marketplace-level differences between online and in-person tutoring:

  • Online students convert 27% faster than in-person students

  • Online lessons are more efficient: 7% shorter than in-person sessions

  • Online tutors average 116% more lessons than in-person tutors