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The student side of online lessons.

We do our best to ensure that the online lesson experience for new students is empowering and efficient by providing an easy to navigate student dashboard, along with resources in our Help Center and direct assistance from Customer Support. But we also realize that many new students depend upon their tutor to help them navigate the site and join an online lesson for the first time. We’d like to fill you in on the student experience, so you can effectively guide your new students.

Here are some basic tips for using the online tool:

  • Schedule your online lessons using your Wyzant calendar, which automatically sends a reminder to your student with a link they can easily click to enter the lesson.
  • Encourage the student to make sure they are accessing Wyzant from an up-to-date version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari.
  • Consider offering an online demo to show new students how easy online lessons are at Wyzant.

The Student Dashboard

Similar to tutors, students have an account dashboard, which is essentially their account’s home page. It’s the first thing they see after logging in, and it’s accessible on every Wyzant page by simply clicking the word “Dashboard” in the top left corner.

On the dashboard is a large green button labeled “Join My Online Lesson.” Clicking this button displays a list of the student’s tutor contacts. The student simply needs to click the name of the tutor with whom they have scheduled a lesson, and they are presented with a lesson setup, as well as the option to enter the online tool.

The lesson setup, which checks the user’s audio and video permissions, is identical to how it appears in your tutor dashboard. Students can join an online lesson before their tutor does, if they wish.


Invitation Email

If you’ve joined the online tool and started a lesson for your student, you have the ability to send an invitation to join the lesson. This is done by clicking the blue “Send Reminder” button at the top center of the online tool. Once clicked, an automated email will immediately be sent to the primary email address the student has on file with Wyzant. The subject line of the email reads “Your online session with (tutor name) is ready.” The body of the email includes an orange button labeled “Join Lesson.” Clicking that button will bring the student directly to lesson setup and then into the room.


The Demo Room

Students can explore the online learning tool on their own to get familiar with its features and test that their audio and video can be shared. To access a demo room, students can click “Online Tutoring” from the “Find a Tutor” menu within their account.


From the “Online Tutoring” page, students can navigate to the section titled “Check Out the Tool.” From this section, students simply need to click the “Try the Tool” button and they will be able to enter a demo room and try the platform out for themselves.


We suggest saving the URL and sharing it with your new online students through Wyzant messages so they can quickly access the demo room anytime.