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Andrew Geant, CEO

Announcing Wyzant For Higher Ed

Wyzant Is Now Partnering With Higher Ed Institutions

I’m excited to announce Wyzant for Higher Ed, a new partnership with universities to provide online tutoring to their students. This program will offer you access to more online students while the university covers the cost of the lessons.

The higher education system in the US has long been the envy of the rest of the world. Schools like Harvard, Princeton and Stanford are globally renowned education brands. Yet the vast majority of the 20 million US higher education students don’t go to these prestigious schools, and our higher education system has real challenges on the whole.

You may be aware of the enormous student debt burden in this country, totaling over $1.6 trillion. Even more alarming to me is that only 55% of students who start college finish in six years. One of the major reasons for the college completion crisis is that more adult learners are going back to college to learn new skills, and many of them have significant knowledge gaps.

This is where Wyzant comes in. Schools have realized they can help more students graduate by providing tutoring. This is great for student success and happiness, and my hope is that it will be good for your business, too!

If you’re interested in learning more about Wyzant for Higher Ed, check out our partner landing page. We’ve also co-authored a whitepaper with education thought-leader Michael Horn, discussing the changing demographics and needs of higher ed students.

We are already active in about a dozen universities, and are hard at work on the Wyzant for Higher Ed product. Check out our product post to learn more about this exciting development, and how you can grow your business with these unique partnerships.