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  • People Want To Learn From Humans, Especially During a Pandemic

    COVID-era education is a glimpse into the future of learning; more online, self-directed and affordable. But also less human, which is why the role of online tutors is so important.

    Some pandemic-necessitated behaviors and solutions are going to fundamentally change how we operate. Online tutoring is one of them. As education inevitably becomes more digital and self-directed, it’s the perfect way to keep learning human.
  • Wyzant's 10 Million Hours Giveaway Winners!

    I had the pleasure of interviewing the lucky recipients of Wyzant's biggest giveaway ever - a whole year of free tutoring.

    Back in early 2020, we announced that Wyzant was fast approaching the biggest milestone in our platform’s history - 10 million hours of lessons. To celebrate, we decided to go big: the student whose lesson took Wyzant over the 10 million hour mark would receive an entire year of free tutoring, and their tutor would take home a prize of $1000.
  • Meet the New Wyzant

    We've taken Wyzant's look to the next level

    Over the last 10 years, we’ve evolved from a tutoring directory into a community where learners of all ages and skill levels come to connect with expert instructors across the country. And it’s time we had a look that reflects that evolution. Starting today, Wyzant has a brand new look.
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