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  • ASVAB Scores Explained

    Having access to a skilled ASVAB tutor can go a long way toward reaching your goal of starting a career in the US Armed Forces.

    Like all standardized tests, the ASVAB comes with a host of scores that represent your performance on the test. You may be confused about what test to take and what scores you’re shooting for. Understanding ASVAB scoring is critical to achieving your goal.
  • 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Your GRE Prep

    Are you prepping for the test in an effective way?

    When embarking on a grand project like studying for graduate school admissions tests like the GRE, small errors in the process can have large consequences down the road. When deciding how to study for the GRE, it’s important to avoid bad habits and common mistakes.
  • The Dirty Dozen: Do You Know These 12 Key GRE Math Formulas?

    When it comes to GRE Quant, there are some formulas you just need to have memorized.

    You can get a high score by knowing the main GRE Math formulas that come up over and over again on the Quantitative Reasoning Section. We review those formulas in this blog to prepare you for test time.
  • 8 Ways to Improve on LSAT Reading Comprehension

    Of the LSAT's 3 kinds of multiple-choice sections, Reading Comprehension often receives the least focus.

    If you’re like most people who have taken or plan to take the LSAT, then RC tends to be a chore. It’s important to know yourself and develop passage and question strategies to succeed on RC.
  • SAT Cancelled: Now What?

    Both March and May SAT test dates have been cancelled. How should students proceed?

    The vast majority high school juniors rely on the March and May SAT test dates in order to get their SAT scores in before final exams and summer vacation, but now both those have been eliminated for the bulk of test-takers.
  • Understanding the ASVAB Test and What It's Used For

    The ASVAB assesses the abilities of recruits and place them in the jobs most suitable to those abilities.

    It’s a requirement if you want to enlist in the Armed Forces, and recruiters will use your ASVAB scores to predict where you may best fit in the military.
  • LSAT Logic Games: Strategies for Tackling Analytical Reasoning

    It’s well-noted that Logic Games are highly predictable in nature, with certain types recurring from test to test.

    For many, Logic Games are initially the most difficult - but most improvable - of the 3 kinds of LSAT multiple-choice sections. Thankfully, analytical reasoning can be mastered more easily with intensive practice than can something like, say, the LSAT Reading Comprehension section.
  • 8 tips for Using the TI-84 Graphing Calculator on the SAT

    If your school is like most high schools, your math classes favor the use of Texas Instruments calculators. The most popular one by far is the TI-84.

    The tips given in this article are for the TI-84 Plus CE, but they will also work for the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and most models of the TI-84 Plus.
  • 7 Ways to Conquer LSAT Logical Reasoning

    Roughly defined as the ability to think critically about carefully crafted text and then fulfill a specifically stated task, Logical Reasoning is a law school requirement and will be one of the defining features of your job as a lawyer.

    Every LSAT PrepTest™ since the dawn of man has included 2 Logical Reasoning sections. LR accounts for half of the LSAT’s scored sections and is given top priority on the test.
  • 10 Score-Boosting SAT Math Tips

    For standardized tests at any level, math is consistently the subject area that students feel they need the most help with.

    Even students who perform well in high school math often come up short when first encountering the types of math on the SAT. Thankfully, there are some concrete ways anyone can boost their SAT math scores.
  • 10 Expert Tips for a Perfect SAT Score

    Ultimately, the SAT is a test of how well you can take the SAT, so the more you practice, the more you will recognize the different question types and settle on the right strategies.

    Preparing for the SAT can be a daunting task, one you may not know how to begin or what to aim for. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the SAT and achieve your highest possible score.
  • 7 Tips on How to Prep for the LSAT

    There’s a lot to achieve during your LSAT prep.

    Your LSAT score is easily the most crucial element of your law school admission. Where to start? Here are some key tips to get you on track to a perfect 180.
  • 4 Mistakes To Avoid During AP, ACT, And SAT Prep

    Find out how to eliminate flaws in your child’s study plan and learn tips for good study habits in the weeks leading up to the big exam.

    Our poor teenagers. With sweaty palms and sharpened pencils, they’re only weeks away from the toughest 4 hours of their school year. Or maybe even their high school careers. As parents, we hope th...
  • 5 Ways To Beat Common Core Without Opting Out

    In an overwhelming sea of political opinions, what does your child stand to gain? Find out how to help your child succeed with the new testing and standards.

    You’ve undoubtedly read a slew of articles on both sides of the Common Core fence. If you’re like most parents, daily headlines like “7-Year-Old Outsmarts Ridiculously Stupid Common Core Question” ...
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