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  • How to Practice Conjugations in Spanish Present Tense

    One of the most important aspects of learning Spanish is knowing how to conjugate verbs.

    The conjugation of verbs in the Spanish present tense is not the same for all kinds of verbs. The good news is: studying el presente del indicativo in an organized way will help you better comprehend Spanish at-large.
  • 80 Useful Spanish Words and Phrases for Every Beginner

    Learning Spanish online, through personalized lessons, is one of the most practical methods for picking up the language effectively.

    First-time students of Spanish seem to be interested in a simple question: how to learn Spanish faster. One way to begin is by learning basic Spanish phrases and words.
  • What to Expect at Your First Online Spanish Lesson

    Gone are the days when picking up a second language requires attending a formal, in-person class.

    Taking online lessons with the help of a tutor is a smart and effective way to learn Spanish without leaving your home. Still though: first-time language learners have a lot of questions about the best way to learn Spanish online. Here's what to expect at your first lesson.
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