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  • 8 Ways to Improve on LSAT Reading Comprehension

    Of the LSAT's 3 kinds of multiple-choice sections, Reading Comprehension often receives the least focus.

    If you’re like most people who have taken or plan to take the LSAT, then RC tends to be a chore. It’s important to know yourself and develop passage and question strategies to succeed on RC.
  • LSAT Logic Games: Strategies for Tackling Analytical Reasoning

    It’s well-noted that Logic Games are highly predictable in nature, with certain types recurring from test to test.

    For many, Logic Games are initially the most difficult - but most improvable - of the 3 kinds of LSAT multiple-choice sections. Thankfully, analytical reasoning can be mastered more easily with intensive practice than can something like, say, the LSAT Reading Comprehension section.
  • 7 Ways to Conquer LSAT Logical Reasoning

    Roughly defined as the ability to think critically about carefully crafted text and then fulfill a specifically stated task, Logical Reasoning is a law school requirement and will be one of the defining features of your job as a lawyer.

    Every LSAT PrepTest™ since the dawn of man has included 2 Logical Reasoning sections. LR accounts for half of the LSAT’s scored sections and is given top priority on the test.
  • 7 Tips on How to Prep for the LSAT

    There’s a lot to achieve during your LSAT prep.

    Your LSAT score is easily the most crucial element of your law school admission. Where to start? Here are some key tips to get you on track to a perfect 180.
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